Scripps Mercy Hospital

'Retired' Dr. Philip Azer continues ER work

At 82 years old, Dr. Philip Azer has retired from his job of working 60 hours a week on call at Scripps Mercy Hospital as an ear, nose and throat doctor.

Now he works only 40 hours.

The Boston area native — who received his medical degree from SUNY Buffalo in 1961, during John F. Kennedy’s first year of office — exemplifies a growing subset of people way over retirement age who still want, and find themselves able, to work.

After his wife of 60 years, Evelyn, died two years ago of lung disease, Azer moved to La Jolla’s White Sands retirement community, but he darts off to Scripps Mercy hospital any time of day or night his experience is required for a trauma case. And he...