Floods and Flooding

BAD TIDINGS: La Jolla flooding circa 2070

BAD TIDINGS: La Jolla flooding circa 2070

When La Jolla Shores dedicated a street to Scripps Institution of Oceanography legend Walter Munk in October, Munk thanked the crowd but noted that, in 100 years, “Walter Munk Way will probably be underwater.”

A hundred years is a long time for people who have debt, businesses and other more pressing issues to worry about right now. So we wondered how La Jolla might look in 50 years instead.

“That 50 years has a big uncertainty to it, a range,” said Mark Merrifield, UC San Diego’s director of the Center for Climate Change Impacts & Adaptation. “Sea level could rise two feet in that time, some think it could be higher. And when you start talking about two feet, then...