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  • Man dies while surfing off La Jolla, Oct. 22

    A man in his late 60s who was surfing off the coast in Calumet Park died Wednesday morning, officials said. He has since been identified by the County Medical Examiner's office as Stephen Saburo Fujii, 67, of Clairemont. Fujii was seen going in the water around 7 a.m. Two surfers who were walking...

  • Natural La Jolla: Ocean sunfish Mola mola

    Natural La Jolla: Ocean sunfish Mola mola

    If you are out boating in local waters, one of the strangest fish you may come across is the ocean sunfish or Mola mola. These gigantic odd-looking fish are the largest bony fish in the world (whale sharks are larger but have a cartilaginous skeleton). An average mola is 6 feet in length, and up...