New kitchen design trends: industrial chic gives way to comfort, convenience and efficiency

By Scott Murfey


kitchen design trends

have tended towards the sleek, industrial and impressive, often forgoing practicality in favor of minimalist aesthetics, stark metallic fixtures and showy countertops. But lately, a change has been brewing: and according to a new report from the

Washington Post

, consumer consciousness is now shifting in favor of practical kitchens that create an inviting and efficient gathering space.

Where the pre-recession kitchen was a showroom, the post-recession kitchen of today is a warm centerpiece to the home, made for family connections and everyday convenience. This doesn’t mean, however, that innovation and creativity have gone out of style. On the contrary, contemporary kitchens are designed to give homeowners the best of both worlds, marrying comfort and style, efficiency and technology, elegance and convenience.

The kitchen of 2013

In the wake of so-called “stark modern designs,” consumers today are seeking kitchens that create a low-maintenance oasis of calm. Natural materials and neutral tones complement space-saving innovations and functional features, and a range of new appliances promise to enhance these kitchens with subtle upgrades.

While color trends include white or quartz countertops and various shades of gray for cabinets and walls, appliance trends run the gamut from electronic faucets and LED lighting to built-in coffee makers, convection microwave ovens, special ranges, warming ovens and a host of other gadgets to make the kitchen more efficient. By combining these and other advances (such as instant hot water or reverse osmosis water and water softeners) with structural elements like specialty cabinetry, hidden Lazy Susans and appliance “garage doors” that can be flipped up and out of the way, skilled contractors can help homeowners create kitchen spaces that maintain some of the sleekness popularized in the past while maximizing efficiency. In other words, the kitchen of the future is a place where you can have your cake and eat it too: all it takes is professional guidance and expertise from a local San Diego contractor.


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