San Diego Art Institute hosts MAS (Mutual Appreciation Society) Attack in Balboa Park

A year ago, San Diego Art Institute hosted a one-night-only mass meet-up of artists called “MAS (Mutual Appreciation Society) Attack,” which brought together 150 art-makers from Los Angeles and San Diego to show and view their work. Nothing was for sale; everything was there to be appreciated, and the chance to interact with so many different artists at once made it a very special event for local art-lovers.

The MAS concept was created by L.A.-based ARTRA Curatorial, and once again, co-founder Max Presneill, Director/Curator of the Torrance Art Museum, was here for the Balboa Park event, which took place at SDAI on March 19. This time, there were 100 artists from Los Angeles and 100 from San Diego, some of them natives of countries all over the world. MAS Attacks pop up in various cities, but only as far as L.A. artists can drive, since every artist has to be there, and is allowed to bring only one piece to display.

“The MAS Attack is a free event, open to the public, that really highlights the diversity of work being made in Southern California right now,” said Ginger Shulick Porcella, SDAI executive director. “And I think it shows that the art scene in San Diego is just as vibrant as that in Los Angeles.”

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