San Diego's October temperatures running four degrees above average due to pair of heat waves

The average monthly temperature at San Diego International Airport is running roughly four degrees above average due to the two heat waves that have baked the region this month.

Through late Tuesday, the airport’s average monthly temperature was 71.2 degrees, or 3.9 degrees above average.

That figure will go up a bit when the National Weather Service factors in Wednesday’s heat. The airport hit 98 — which is 26 degrees above average.

The city also experienced a two day heat wave in mid-October.

The average monthly temperature represents the average of the lowest and highest temperatures recorded each day.

The figure was two degrees above average in San Diego just before the latest high wave started. The figure roughly doubled.

“You can have a lot of change in that number when you have heat that is excessive as what we’ve just had,” said Dan Gregoria, a weather service forecaster.

Temperatures will moderate through early next week, but they’re not expected to dip below average before Halloween.


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