Past Photo Contests

Here are all of our previous photo contests

August 2013 Contest Entries | Best Sunset Photo
Winner: TBA

July 2013 Contest Entries | Best La Jolla Beach Photo
Winner: TBA

June 2013 Contest Entries | Best People Photo
Winner: TBA

May 2013 Contest Entries | Favorite Garden Photo
Winner: Penny Wilkes – “Some Daze”

April 2013 Contest Entries | Best Car/Boat/Plane Photo
Winner: Frank Hocza – “Dockside Before the Storm”

March 2013 Contest Entries | Most Artistic Photo
Winner: ‘Meditation’ by Doris Waldmann

February 2013 Contest Entries | Wine Roses and Chocolate
Winner: ‘Give me a kiss’ by Tiare Thompson

January 2013 Contest Entries | Best Wildlife Photo
Winner: ‘Lion Yawn’ by Sarah John

December 2012 Contest Entries | Best Holiday Photo
Winner: Cute woodie at the La Jolla Christmas Parade’ by Paquita Hoeck

November 2012 Contest Entries | Best La Jolla Village Life Photo
Winner: ‘Fishing on the Cliffs’ by Jenny Chen

October 2012 Contest Entries | Best Bark-o-ween Photo
Winner: ‘Brianna Cowgirl’ by Daved Frerker

September 2012 Contest Entries | Best Vacation Photo
Winner: ‘Market in Otavalo, Equador’ by Paquita Hoeck

August 2012 Contest Entries | Best Food/Wine Photo
Winner: ‘Apples and Honey’ by Michelle Freifeld

July 2012 Contest Entries | Best San Diego Beach Photo
Winner: ‘Kite flying at WindAnSea Beach’ by Che’ Graham

June 2012 | Best Prom/Graduation Photo
Winner: ‘Getting ready for graduation’ by Michelle Friefeld

May 2012 | Favorite Garden Photo
Winner: ‘Favorite Garden’ by Don Ryan

April 2012 | Best Car Photo
Winner: ‘1965 VW Micro Bus Deluxe’ by Ferdie Morales

March 2012 | Most Artistic Photo
Winner: ‘Salk Institute’ by Maite Agahnia

February 2012 | Most Romantic Photo
Winner: ‘WindanSea Proposal’ by Brittany Hitch

January 2012 | Best Wildlife Photo
Winner: ‘Leap of Faith’ by Suzanne Flaster

December 2011 | Best Holiday Photo
Winner: TBA

November 2011 | Beautiful Baby Photo
Winner: TBA

October 2011 | Best Bark-o-ween Photo
Winner: TBA

September 2011 | Best Cat Photo
Winner: TBA

August 2011 | Best La Jolla Beach Photo
Winner: TBA

June 2011 | Best Kids Sports Photo
Winner: TBA

May 2011 | Mother/Daughter Look-alike Photo
Winner: TBA

April 2011 | Best Garden Photo
Winner: TBA