Mayor Faulconer's visit to La Jolla inspired hope for change

Long-time La Jolla resident, Betty Dow, and I attended the meeting at La Jolla Rec Center last Monday evening to know our new mayor better and to listen to his plans to support our great community. We were enlightened and thrilled with his vision for our city.

meet the mayor - close up

Mayor Faulconer’s mission during his tenure seems to be a positive and progressive approach to leading our city. One of his first great actions was naming Shelley Zimmerman as our first female chief of police. She was introduced to us and, as she spoke and answered our questions, we felt assured we are in great hands. She is impressive!

Some points from the meeting to be addressed:

n One of the mayor’s points was well taken: we are all one large community and we are to think of San Diego globally. By working together, we can improve the whole city as well as keep it safe.

n During the event, many La Jollans spoke of their personal issues while they had the mayor’s ear — from the Children’s Pool to biking. On these two issues there was huge applause from the audience, leaving me to believe there was a “packed crowd” in support of their personal agenda, including opposition to bike-sharing.

There were several who did not applaud — the quiet majority — leaving a concern that Mayor Faulconer would be left with the view that La Jollans are in favor of these issues.

For example, my family approves of shared biking as a means of quick transportation and a plus for our tourists. During our travels, we’ve chosen to use shared bikes in cities from Washington D.C. to Montreal. We noticed that bikes don’t usually take up parking spots, but are often placed in areas that don’t impact pedestrians, such as wide sidewalks and pocket parks. In other cities we saw locals grabbing a bike to run errands, then returning the bike. This seems ideal for La Jolla as a means to improve our traffic situation — plus it is a “green” concept to do so.

n Many of the concerns at the meeting had to do with keeping La Jolla as it was in grandmother’s day. We must step forward into this millennium with progressive ideas on making La Jolla the jewel that it is.

Old La Jolla was what seduced us to move here 20 years ago. If there is a concern for us now, it is that the aesthetics of La Jolla have greatly declined — from deteriorating streets and sidewalks to many of the renovations for new businesses and homes being dissonant with their surroundings — losing the old La Jolla charm.

Listening to Mayor Faulconer and Police Chief Zimmerman gave us pride and we left the event believing in the prospect of great things to come.

Linda Fisler

La Jolla

December parade needs a non-faith specific title

In regard to a letter in the June 19 issue, I’d like to comment that there are lots of Christians who are embarrassed by the yet non-faith neutral title of the annual La Jolla parade in December. People should spend a little time with (Americans United for Separation of Church and State). Wise up!



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