Letters to the Editor, Jan. 31 issue of La Jolla Light, Open letter to Mayor Bob Filner seeking yellow rope for grunion crowd control

Congratulations on your election as Mayor. It’s good to see bold action in a bleak social landscape of apathy. I’m also pleased to hear that you have finally got a plan to “vacuum up” the stench at La Jolla Cove. Hopefully, this cesspool of political ping-pong has run its course, but don’t worry, the Victorian cottages across the street (Red Roost and Rest Rest) will continue to be a daily historical reminder that government bureaucracy is alive and well.

The real purpose of this letter is to respectively request that same consideration that you have shown the seals at Children’s Pool, for the unique and much-loved California Grunion.

As you know, these remarkable creatures only spawn on select Southern California beaches for a few nights between March and August, and only at high tides and on full and new moons. We would like to help protect this species and not encumber them with humans harassing them during their most intimate mating and spawning rituals. The general public appears to have accepted the yellow rope method of crowd control and imminent domain of our beaches, so we would like to install a similar yellow rope on all grunion-spawning beaches.

We would also like to install web cameras on any old government property that may be close to the beach. I know these barriers are unsightly and might be inconvenient to some people, but it’s only for six months during the summer, and it should not take more than three months to install and another three months to uninstall after the spawning season.

As you know, permitting takes so long these days, and the call of nature simply cannot wait, so we will start deploying approximately 1-million feet (212 miles) of yellow rope next week, beginning where you left off at Children’s Pool, going north to Point Conception. Big issues like this require bold steps. We hope that we can count on your support because the lives of millions of grunions are at risk.

Peter Martin


Glad the seal rope  is now 152 feet long

According to a

La Jolla Light

article by Pat Sherman in the Jan. 24 issue, the rope was originally “supposed to be 152 feet in length per a 2010 vote of the San Diego City Council.”

“But in 2010, city staff  mistakenly approved coastal development & site development permits for a 130-foot rope.” Now the rope has been restored to its originally designated length, so what is the problem? The mistake has been rectified! The rope was supposed to be 152 feet!

Because the seals are such a contentious subject, I wonder how this mistake was made. It is a pity that our divers know of only one place to dive, what with a whole local coastline of beaches and diving areas (available).  One would think that using only one diving area would get to be old hat and boring.

Ina Brown

La Jolla

Mayor is doing what’s  right with longer rope

Had I been able to attend the January meeting of the La Jolla Community Planning Association (CPA), I surely would have voted with trustee Jim Fitzgerald against sending a hectoring letter to Mayor Bob Filner about his proper action to extend a 152-foot rope at the Children's Pool to protect people



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