Election 2012: Who will be San Diego's next mayor?


Compiled by Pat Sherman

(Main image by Melissa Macis)

To provide readers with some 11th-hour inspiration prior to the June 5 Presidential Primary Election (at least those who didn’t vote absentee), the

La Jolla Light

posed five questions to the candidates running for mayor of San Diego.  We hope their responses offer an informative, final glimpse at the platforms and personalities of those running to represent La Jolla.

The 5 key questions

1) What three specific La Jolla issues do you believe to be the most pressing, and how would you address each?

2) Do you believe it is in the best interest of La Jolla to secede from the city of San Diego? Why or why not?

3) Name a dream or aspiration you’ve had to set aside for your career?

4) Name the historical figure you most identify with and what inspires you about that person.

5) What do you despise most?

Carl DeMaio

Carl DeMaio, Republican, City Councilman (District 5)


) A. Fix our roads: La Jolla, like the rest of San Diego has been hit hard by the intentional and indefensible underfunding of San Diego’s street repair funds. And the city’s own forecast shows the roads will get worse, not better, under the current policies.

That’s why as mayor I will aggressively implement my SOS Save Our Streets Plan to fully fund road repairs and hold city work crews accountable for getting the job done.

B. Save the La Jolla Post Office: The historic La Jolla post office is a key part of our community. The best way to save it is through my economic revitalization program in my Pathway to Prosperity Jobs Plan.

C. Traffic: La Jolla traffic is awful. Traffic calming measures are necessary in La Jolla, and traffic mitigation measures are necessary north and south of La Jolla to lighten traffic there.


I completely understand why La Jollans are frustrated. The roads are crumbling and infrastructure is dilapidated. Recreation and library hours have been drastically reduced, public safety coverage is down, and the politicians at City Hall ignore their concerns.

La Jolla is a vibrant community that contributes an immense amount to San Diego, both culturally and fiscally, and they deserve their fair share. We need to address the fiscal issues facing our city and restore the services that our citizens want and deserve. We need to create a city that people demand to be a part of, not a city people are desperately trying to leave.


First and foremost I am a businessman. I had to set aside my business career to focus on fixing the financial crisis in San Diego. It was a hard decision to make. I started my own business after college and through a lot of hard work, was able to turn into a success. I will not seek higher office. I have decided that after Mayor, I will return to the business world.


Teddy Roosevelt. He was a great President who fought large special interests groups to better the lives of Americans.



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