Election 2012: Congress 52nd District

Compiled by Pat Sherman

To provide readers with some 11th-hour inspiration prior to the June 5 Presidential Primary Election (at least those who didn’t vote absentee), the 

La Jolla Light

posed five questions to the candidates running for San Diego's 52nd congressional district.  We hope their responses offer an informative, final glimpse at the platforms and personalities of those running to represent La Jolla.

The 5 key questions

1) What three specific La Jolla issues do you believe to be the most pressing, and how would you address each?

2) Do you believe it is in the best interest of La Jolla to secede from the city of San Diego? Why or why not?

3) Name a dream or aspiration you’ve had to set aside for your career?

4) Name the historical figure you most identify with and what inspires you about that person.

5) What do you despise most?