2012: A Year Like No Other in La Jolla

A Seal's Life: Rope up. Rope Down. Pupping at the Children's Pool continues to be precarious for pinnipeds.
A Seal's Life: Rope up. Rope Down. Pupping at the Children's Pool continues to be precarious for pinnipeds.
Venerable Visit: In April, the Dalai Lama stops by UCSD to discuss world issues and is greeted by then Chancellor Marye Anne Fox. Light file photos

Compiled by Pat Sherman

Though La Jollans seemed more concerned with the condition (and aroma) of their coastal cliffs than any looming “fiscal cliff,” 2012 saw the Village facing threats to its own “Wall Street.” Meanwhile, a certain Dunemere Street denizen pleaded his case for the presidency, as various high-profile individuals graced us with their presence — from First Lady Michelle Obama to former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and the Dalai Lama.

Here’s a month-by-month playback of stories that made headlines in The Jewel this year.


Foul Stench:

The year started off on a cry note, as La Jollans frustrated by the sickening stink wafting from the Cove rallied to demand a solution. A year later, they are still holding their breath — and noses.

Please, Mr. Postman:

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) announced plans to sell the Wall Street post office and relocate services to a smaller facility within or near the Village. Stay tuned.

Somebody’s Watching:

La Jolla resident and presi- dential candidate Mitt Romney begins receiving Secret Service protection at his Dunemere Drive beach home.

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice paid The Bishop's School a visit in January 2012.


Use The Force:

Responding to USPS’s plans to sell the Wall Street post office, the La Jolla Historical Society and other La Jollans form a task force and three-pronged plan to save the community treasure.

Back to the Future:

Architect Jim Alcorn’s long-proposed Prospect Street beautification plan, the Belvedere Promenade project, is resuscitated, receiving unanimous approval from the La Jolla Town Council.

Should It Stay, or Should It Go?

The Mt. Soledad Memorial Association asks the U.S. Supreme Court to review an appeal of a 2011 ruling that found the Mount Soledad cross to be unconstitutional. The Supreme Court denies to hear the case in June. It is likely to return to federal court for a resolution.

United We Stand: A citizen task force forms to fight U.S. Postal Service plans to sell the Wall Street post office.


Luxury Lift:

Details of Mitt Romney’s La Jolla home rebuild cause a national stir. They include a $55,000 “Phantom Park” car elevator, like that used by Britney Spears and Harrison Ford.

Alfonso de Bourbon (1929-2012)

Buddy, Can you spare a quarter (million)?

The Children’s Pool Walkway Beautification Project — with an estimated price of around $250,000 — receives La Jolla Community Planning Association approval.

Funeral for a Friend:

Colorful and articulate La Jollan Alfonso de Bourbon, who claimed to anyone who would listen that he was the heir of Spanish royalty, dies in a tragic dumpster accident behind Jonathan’s Market.

No. 6:

Ann Hamilton’s “the sea” at 1111 Prospect St. becomes the sixth installation in the La Jolla Community Foundation’s Murals of La Jolla project.


Peace and Perplexity:

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama delivers a message that is equally inspiring, humorous and incomprehensible at UC San Diego.

Diver Dues:

The La Jolla Shores Association calls for regulations that would require scuba divers to pay permit fees for park and beach upkeep, similar to what is done with kayak instructors and surf camps.

Teen Trustee:

La Jolla High School student Emiliano De Riquer becomes only the second La Jolla resident under age 18 to serve as a La Jolla Town Council trustee in the group’s six-decade history.



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