Judge Tim Walsh shares courtroom lessons with Bird Rock students

Judge Tim Walsh talks to Bird Rock students. Photo: Ginny LaRowe
Judge Tim Walsh talks to Bird Rock students. Photo: Ginny LaRowe

[gallery]Tim Walsh, a criminal judge in the Superior Court of South Bay came to teach the B-8 Scholars about "Choices and Consequences" on May 17. The title of his talk was: "How to avoid being in a situation where you'll ever meet 'me' in my court."

The judge is the father of Finn Walsh, a fifth grader in Ginny LaRowe's class. He began his career in the military where he spent 20 years in Supply and Logistics. After that he went on and worked for 13 years as a prosecutor in the district attorney’s office.

Six years ago he was appointed a Superior Court judge. He currently is theSouth Bay’s presiding judge, supervising 15 judges.

The students were absolutely engrossed in his presentation as he reminded them that many of the "decisions that have negative consequences are made in a matter of seconds," and that each one of us should "listen to the 'little guy’ in our head when you have that 'feeling' that this isn't something right."

He spoke about "Group thinking" ... when you go with a group and end up participating in an inappropriate activity and reminded the students to walk away from people who are in groups engaging in behavior that is not reflective of them.



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