Opinion: Respect pupping season in La Jolla

Otis Benton

La Jolla

The reason there are very few children and swimmers and divers on the sand at the Childrens' pool from Dec. 15 through May 15 is that the lion's share of us respect the pupping season and the negotiated shared use rules. It just makes sense.
However, from May 16 through Dec. 14 a family with children, a diver or a swimmer assumes great risk when following the shared use rules and going down to this great swimming beach.

The new predator is known as "Pinnepedia Zealotta." It has the characteristics of both pinnepeds in that it barks, bites, spits and scratches, and, primates in that it stands on two legs and argues incessantly in a loud voice. It yells so effectively at swimmers, divers and summer beach-going families that many parents stop bring their children to the beach due to the unsettling behavior of these hybrid "seal-humans."
Those of us who swim or dive in the ocean presumably have thicker skins than the average couch potato, but this behavior which I have experienced many times does ruin a day at the beach.

For verification of this viewpoint ask the security guard wisely introduced by Sherri Lightner (our councilperson) to protect citizen beachgoers from this "Pinnepedia Aealotta" and/or the seals from homo sapiens.



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