Opinion: La Jollans should celebrate the seals

Jim Hudnall

Pro-rookery Advocate who grew up in La Jolla and whose great grandfather was attorney and close confidente of Ellen Browning Scripps

The La Jolla harbor seal rookery is a unique natural treasure which has been much abused by a few middle-aged male humans in recent years. Using excuses such as "a beach for the children," "a shared beach," and more recently an "open beach," these people have repeatedly run the rookery seals off the beach using a myriad of tactics, from snorkeling directly in front of beached seals to flying a big bird-shaped kite directly overhead.

With collusion involving certain media individuals, the pro-rookery advocates have been cast as wild-eyed radicals. It's time now for all La Jollans to recognize that the seawall was built on a rock-complex called "Seal Rock," and that harbor seals long ago chose this site as a rookery home. (The bold-faced lie that the seals of this rookery are all SeaWorld rehabs should be firmly refuted.)

Wake up La Jollans and celebrate the existence of the only mainland harbor seal rookery in Southern California for its contribution to nearshore ecological richness and for the educational and entertainment value it offers to all of us.



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