Your View: Bird Rock farmers market location a poor choice

The majority of neighbors in proximity to the proposed Bird Rock farmers market at La Jolla Hermosa Avenue and Mira Monte Plaza were unaware and not included in any discussions that occurred prior to a short article in the La Jolla Light. Subsequently, impacted neighbors have had to gather facts from three public presentations.

It should be made very clear that our objections to the commercial market in no way detract from our concern for our public schools.

Our objections stem from the reality that our residential neighborhood will be disrupted every Friday during the market operation hours (2 to 6:30 p.m.) as well as extended hours (12:30 to 8 p.m.) which are necessary for vendors to set up and tear down and for SD Weekly Markets to locate barricades, porta potties, etc. Residents and businesses of the 6100 block of La Jolla Hermosa Avenue would be subjected to a street closure enduring untold inconvenience.

Parking for this commercial venture will be spread into the adjoining residential neighborhood.

The proposed farmers market cannot reach its profit goal without widespread advertising, which is already underway with the assistance of San Diego Weekly Markets, a for-profit business. Their interest in the success of the market through a large customer base is obvious.

The result will be an increase of pedestrian and vehicle traffic along La Jolla Boulevard and into quiet residential streets at the busiest times of day and evening. Attempts to cross La Jolla Boulevard are of special concern, especially since Bird Rock traffic-calming creates a constant stream of vehicles past the access streets to the proposed market venue. The heavily used bike path crossings at Via Del Norte and La Canada will be exposed to additional traffic and create danger.

It has been requested that the market committee revisit the possibility of cooperating with the school district to establish a smaller open-air market on school grounds or to explore the numerous alternatives for a fundraiser that would meet both the needs of Bird Rock Elementary School and gain the support of its neighbors.

Debbie Adams

Brian Collins

Barbara Decker

Larry Haswell

Neighborhood Homeowners



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