Student View: Save Our Seals

By Marlen Miranda

All Hallows Academy, Grade 7

The Children’s Pool, also known as Casa Beach, is a small beach in La Jolla, California. It is famous for the controversy of harbor seals and humans who both want it for themselves. This site is full of tourists. The attraction brings a lot of money to the city of La Jolla. Locals watch wild life in this great spot.

This beautiful cove is the home of several hundred harbor seals. I love to watch them. Harbor seals are mammals that need to rest on land. These harbor seals have found a home and it’s critical to their survival that we protect them and leave them there. I think that seals should have that beach. We have a lot of beaches in La Jolla for people to enjoy. I wouldn’t like to see the lives of the beautiful seals compromised or moved to another location. Why take this from them? Let’s save the seals.



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