La Jolla High art students beautify their surroundings

LJHS Principal Dana Shelburne and Mrs. Shamrock and her 5th period AP art class. Photos by Pearl Preis
LJHS Principal Dana Shelburne and Mrs. Shamrock and her 5th period AP art class. Photos by Pearl Preis


By Jane Wheeler

Editor’s note: Bird Rock artist Jane Wheeler describes a project she helped supervise.

Principal Dana Shelburne initiated a creative pilot program at La Jolla High School where students in Carol Shamrock’s fifth period AP art class ended the semester working on a volunteer project designed to help beautify the school.

The girls in class collaborated to create an art installation called “Color Theory” that was installed in an unlikely location — the girls’ bathroom in the 500 building.

Inspired by Frank Stella, the design team of Jade Novarino and Kelsey McLeod created a series of colorful geometric patterns on panels to decorate the interior space. The boys in the class were busy rolling the walls with a fresh coat of paint to help create the “new look.”

Students and teachers were curious to see what is inside. Several female students and teachers have commented that they are grateful for the refreshed look of the restroom and would help to take care of the interior once finished. The art history students caught wind of the project and are discussing the works of Stella.

The boys in class also were inspired and worked diligently on an installation for their restroom titled “My Perspective.” The design team of Tim Machado and Jose Galindo found inspiration from movies featuring deep space and artist Piet Mondrian. The girls painted the walls, while the boys created the new designs that were installed before semester ended.

Along with their teacher and me, the students had help from La Jolla designer Kim Wagner. The project has taught the students how to think big, utilize their talents to bring functional art to the campus, and most importantly, how to transform their living/working space by using a large dose of creativity and a few cans of paint.

Hopefully this project will be an inspiration on campus, and an opportunity to show off the talents of very capable teenagers doing a good deed for their school community and to look to the words of Ghandi: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Students involved in the project were Julian Clark, Jade Novarino, Annalisa Ritchie, Sofia Elias, Jose Galindo, Mariam Hattab, Valerie Irvine, Kaiyachien Lewis- Adams, Christian Linney, Felicity Machado,Tim Machado, Cristian Serrano,Shannon Blue, Amy Cao, Shauna Jellison, Ziru Liu, and Kelsey McLeod.



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