Opinion: Do something for the seals

I am a 15-year-old tourist from Arizona and recently my family and I visited La Jolla to walk along the coast. We came upon the Children’s Pool and were used to seeing it closed to the public so the whole family was excited to go down and see the wildlife.

At first I was content with how well the rules were set and it seemed that as long as the visitors followed them it wouldn’t interrupt the animals. But not long after we stayed on the beach it was apparent that there was a problem.

There were many seals in the water and I could imagine some had pups but the people ashore were playing music and taking flash pictures and were even letting their children go into the water after the seals and splash water at them. Many of the seals starting "flushing," which as I’ve been told is dangerous and causes pup abandonment, and many of the seals were frightened and the mobs of people wouldn’t let them come ashore to rest.

This troubles me and I’m hoping someone will do something about it.

Alyse Kingston

Tourist from Arizona



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