Opinion: Think twice about where you take your dog

By Mario Lanese

La Jolla resident

I want to share the finer points of the "dog friendly" principles that we’ve adopted here in La Jolla. Before I go further,know that I come from a dog-loving family and that my last dog had hundreds of hours of training which we reinforced daily. I still miss her and would like to get another dog soon. Even though she was beautiful, always freshly brushed and bathed, I never once thought of taking my fantastically behaved show dog into a grocery store.

Unfortunately this is not the case at Vons on Girard Avenue, as I learned one recent Sunday from an employee who told me — while expressing my disgust when a Tea Cup Yorkie in a man's arms threw-up all over the register — that "these things happen all the time."

How disgusting is it, knowing that people bring non-service animals into a place where food is sold. (Service dog means you NEED the dog because you have a LEGIT reason. Saying it comforts you while you shop doesn’t qualify and your behavior ruins it for people who need dogs to see or hear, etc).

How about the rights of people with pet allergies? More appropriately, how about the rights of people who don't want their bananas spinning around on a conveyor full of dog barf? Just because your dog fits in a purse and wears cute outfits, doesn't mean it belongs everywhere people do.

For those of you having a hard time deciphering which places are OK to bring your dogs, try to use this rule I created: Picture your 5-pound Yorkie as a 120-pound slobbering Bullmastiff (which is a better small apartment dog than your Yorkie). If it seems like bringing a Bullmastiff into the store is a bad idea, then so is bringing a Yorkie.



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