Village valet service in front of La Jolla transportation committee

Three valet spots at George's may move up the Prospect St.  Photo; Light File
Three valet spots at George's may move up the Prospect St. Photo; Light File

By Dave Schwab

Staff Writer

An unofficial decision to move three valet parking spaces to a spot near the Crabcatcher will get another look when La Jolla's Traffic & Transportation Board on Thursday at 4 p.m. at the La Jolla Recreation Center.

On Jan. 19, the panel discussed the Village valet situation and voted to shift three valet spots in front of George’s California Modern restaurant at 1250 Prospect St. to 1298 Prospect St. But the vote was non-binding since they didn't have a quorum. About 20 turned out to hear the discussion, among them restaurateur George Hauer who asked the group to maintain the status quo.

“If you extend the idea that every business should have its own valet zone, you’re effectively starting a shooting war with every major commercial street in San Diego,” he said, noting there are over 30 retail businesses and 10 restaurants on Prospect Street who pay $3 million in sales tax.

"It’s not a good idea to change the interaction of traffic and parking spaces that’s been working for 27 years," Hauer said.

Michael Harth, president of Sunset Parking Service, gave a brief overview of the history of valet parking on Prospect Street.

“I’ve voiced public concern about the lack of joint and unified valet parking,” said board member Joe Dicks, who is also president of La Jolla Shores Association. “It is not feasible for every restaurant who desires valet parking to have it. We should have a fair and equitable way of reallocating (valet) spots.”

"What the city came up with is to take three valet spots from in front of George’s and move them over on a trial basis,” said chairman Todd Lesser.



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