Opinion: One great white shark off La Jolla is one too many

Roger Raffee

La Jolla resident

It's misleading for the marine biologist you interviewed to say that the chance of getting killed by a great white shark is less than getting hit by lightning. The problem is that the general population isn't generally in the water in La Jolla. The odds are much higher if you only reference the populations that regularly swim, surf and dive in close proximity to the piniped population.

He said that the population of great whites would probably increase with the increase in the piniped population. Even one more great white cruising this area regularly is one too many.

There is no place in the world with large seal populations that could be considered safe to go in the water. Great whites follow them wherever they go.

The seals are not endangered — no one is claiming they are. They do have the islands to go to, which is where they came from. A few can stay and sleep on the rocks like they used to.

Within the next 20 years this place will be considered a dangerous place to swim and surf. The people who pushed having what will by then be a full-blown seal colony will have serious blood on their hands. Families will be devastated by the loss of their loved ones who will die the most horrible deaths imaginable. Generations of families will suffer.

It seems as if it's mainly the majority — the people who don't go in the water — who feel comfortable putting those of us who do at such great risk. That's wrong.



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