Opinion: Some good news on streetlights

Egon Kafka

La Jolla Village Lodge

If you live in a rural area you expect dark roads, but if you live in the city you expect to see bright streets that are illuminated by streetlights. La Jolla can thank San Diego General Services and the Streetlighting Section for fixing the streetlights on one of La Jolla's darkest streets, where the lights have been off for months due to the complete failure of an underground street lighting circuit which dates back to 1945.

Fifteen new streetlights have been ordered and are due to be installed in about two months on Girard from Prospect to Silverado. The new lights are classically styled to resemble the existing streetlights. To replace the old-fashioned constant amperage high voltage series circuit design, the new lights will be wired in a 240V parallel configuration. The new streetlights will employ modern luminaires that will provide better color rendering than the current (very yellow) Low Pressure Sodium lamps.

In order to light Girard during this period leading up to the installation of new streetlights, I rigged and mounted crude "temporary streetlights" to the existing poles. Please thank the landlords and merchants who are graciously providing “shore” power through umbilical cords from their buildings to energize these lights. La Jolla business community members are working cooperatively together to make do while awaiting a more permanent solution to this problem. If you are taking a walk on lower Girard at night and you notice that one of these naked CFL twistie bulbs is not lit, please give us a call here at the Lodge at (858) 551-2001 so I can come out and fix it.

I am a member of the Streetscape Committee. The next meeting is at 6 p.m. Feb. 28 in the Conference Room at 1150 Silverado St.



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