Opinion: Stop using leaf blowers

Beth McKinley

La Jolla

Today I am listening to leaf blowers in stereo — one in front of my home and one behind it. Ahhhhh the lovely incessant drone, like a twin-engine aircraft buzzing my windows. And then there are the clouds of dust being churned into the air, and the gasoline fumes coughing out the back. What do these machines accomplish, other than noise and air pollution? Well, they do a great job of moving leaves from one house to the next, only to be moved back by another leaf blower.

Leaf blowers are not illegal in San Diego, as they are in a growing number of cities that have recognized the idiocy of a contraption whose sole purpose is to kick dust and leaves into the air while emitting air and noise pollution. However, we do not need to wait until San Diego (allegedly a forward-thinking green city) comes to its senses. We don’t need to be regulated into doing what is right. Here is an easy step: Tell your gardener not to use one. There is a lot of competition in gardeners; let’s use a free market society to correct what is a bane to many people’s existence. If your gardener refuses, get a new gardener. You will have done something to help the environment, and your neighbors will thank you!



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