Community View -- A greatly deserved thanks to Todd Bloom

Devin Burstein

La Jolla resident

The ideal of community — that we are not simply isolated individuals, but committed, considerate, and caring neighbors — might be on the decline some places, but it is alive and well in La Jolla. It was this sense of community that first led me to volunteer as a trustee of the La Jolla Community Planning Association, and which has now come rushing back to reward me and my wife.

When we made the decision to purchase our first home, we were scared by the possibility of having to leave our beloved La Jolla and worried that none of the local real estate agents would pay us any attention, given our relatively small budget. Then we met Todd Bloom and all that changed. Todd came highly recommended, but we had no idea how lucky we were.

Todd told us not to despair, that if we were patient, the right property would come along. He then looked, followed up, and finally, when that right place appeared, he pounced. With Todd's guidance — literally step-by-step — our offer was accepted. He then helped us, with unending patience, through the countless complications that came up. I have no doubt whatsoever that without Todd Bloom we would not be celebrating the closing of our first home!

It is not just what Todd did, but the way he did it that caused me to write this letter. I never once felt that Todd was just doing his job. Given how hard he worked — and how little he made — there is no question that Todd genuinely cared (and cares) about us. We were part of his community, and he treated us like family. So, the next time you see Todd, give him some kudos for being such a great neighbor. And Todd, please know that Devin and Amanda Burstein are eternally grateful for everything you did for us.



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