Opinion: What would Ellen Browning Scripps do?

By Gary Ng

Carlsbad resident

Who doesn't love the La Jolla seals? I found out for myself after making a pro-seal comment to my daughter at Casa Beach, only to find an angry and militant anti-seal supporter telling me how wrong I am. As a long time San Diego resident and writer of a San Diego tourist website (


), I was angered that we've let the seal debate mutate to the level of provocation and insults. The anti-seal supporter was clearly trying to start a fight or cause a scene and would not back down until I left. This isn't right. I have no problem with people stating their views in a peaceful manner, but aggressive and antagonistic behavior should not be tolerated.

I've since contacted the groups who support turning Casa Beach into a marine mammal reserve and learned of some of the tactics the anti-seal group have been using … I've also learned that the anti-seal group is actually a small group of elitist individuals who want their dive spot and swimming area back and who, unfortunately, have great influence on the La Jolla planning committee and La Jolla Town Council. Their recent court battle win to have the rope barrier removed is an indication of just how powerful and well funded they are.

But imagine if the anti-seal group (or as they like to be called, "pro-beach access") got their way. What do we gain? What do we lose? Will San Diegans be happier that this group got their 200 feet of beach back, or will we wonder how lost such a unique local treasure?

It's time for the mayor and our elected officials to take a stand to protect one of San Diego's most precious natural attractions. Ellen Browning Scripps might have dedicated the sea wall to the children of San Diego, but I doubt that if she were alive today that she would support the antics of the anti-seal activists nor the removal of a resource that brings so much joy and wonder to children of all ages.



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