Police investigating mailbox blast in Bird Rock

Investigators check for evidence outside a Bird Rock home.  Photo: NBCSanDiego.com
Investigators check for evidence outside a Bird Rock home. Photo: NBCSanDiego.com

A mailbox exploded at 9:35 p.m. Thursday at 5702 La Jolla Hermosa in Bird Rock, according to San Diego Police.

“Someone detonated an explosive device in a mailbox,” said Officer Paul Peregud. “The whole mailbox was destroyed.”

Peregud said there are no suspects as of yet, and that Metro Arson was investigating the incident.

According to NBC San Diego, shrapnel from the mailbox blast blew 50 feet but no one was injured.

Lt. Jim Filley of SDPD’s Northern Division said a witness check revealed that a late ‘90s Ford Ranger with an unknown plate and rear plate lights out was seen driving southbound away from the area. Filley said the witness was believed to be a 16-year-old white male traveling with a 16- or 17-year-old white female passenger.

Police suspect the explosive may have been a firecracker judging from residue found on the remnants of the mailbox.

“The Metro Arson Strike team is investigating it as vandalism, not a bomb,” said Filley, adding two or three similar cases in Northern Division of mailboxes being damaged have been reported in the division during the past month.

Felipe Loureiro, a neighbor told NBCSanDiego he was "definitely concerned. That’s not a prank That’s something more scary than a prank. … That’s definitely scary. That’s a crime."

Noting that he's a homeowner, too, he added, "I’d be scared to open up my mail. Lose an arm or even die. Whoever did that has to pay for sure."

Judy Webber, who lives across street, told the television station's reporter that they "were getting ready for bed and we were closing up the kitchen when we heard a loud boom, and my husband and I both looked at each other and went, ‘That’s not good.’ It didn’t sound like a firecracker or whatever. It was a pretty big boom. So we came out, and all the other neighbors were rushing out. That’s where we found all the debris.

"I’d like to think it was a prank, but it’s in the back of your mind that it could be something else," she added. "What? I have no idea."

She also told the 7/39 report that there was a lot of debris — "mail all over the place, and the mailbox was unrecognizable. It was just a flattened piece of metal in the roadway."



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