Your View: An ode to the Coast Boulevard regulars

Louise Blakeslee Gilpin

Dean of Students
, The Bishop's School

I begin my workdays before dawn by walking down to WindanSea and along the coast past the wedding bowl, the Children’s Pool, around the Cove accompanied by the sea lions’ lively debates, up the hill by the Cave Store, a quick stop at Brick and Bell for a coffee, and then on to work.

I don’t pass many others until I get to Coast Boulevard where there is a band of other regular early morning walkers. Some speak reluctantly, seeming to resent the intrusion into their morning reverie, but most greet me with a “good morning” or a small wave. I know only one of these regulars’ names, but they have come to feel like friends. There is the woman who wears headphones and a maroon parka, her gift a wonderfully warm smile; the elderly man with a cane and a Harvard zip-up sweatshirt; and the blond woman with a small tan and white dog. This week, one of the regulars remarked that I was going to live forever, a comment likely inspired by my fast paced walking.

The small interactions with these people punctuate my walk, a connection that is not to be underestimated. During a terrible time in my life last year, these moments helped me get through each day. So, to my morning compatriots, my Coast Boulevard regulars, thank you for brightening my days with your smiles and your companionship, unplanned and unintended as they may be.



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