La Jolla Town Council ready to tackle pothole problem

Zeke Woolley measures the pothole, which has since been repaired, that destroyed two tires on his car.  Photo: Courtesy
Zeke Woolley measures the pothole, which has since been repaired, that destroyed two tires on his car. Photo: Courtesy

By Kathy Day

Staff Writer

La Jolla Town Council trustees are poised to jump into the pothole mess when they meet Thursday at 5 p.m. at the Rec Center.

Since Councilwoman Sherri Lightner is scheduled to speak at 5:10 p.m., President Rick Wildman said he moved his president’s report to the slot just after her presentation and will propose establishing a Pothole Relief Committee in an effort to get her attention focused on La Jolla’s potholes.

“The situation has become intolerable,” he said late Monday, noting that he was taking up the Light’s call for someone to step up and see what can be done about the endless number of holes impeding drivers on local streets.

He said idea is for the Town Council “to get a group of people to go around and identify where the potholes are and let the city know about it,” Wildman added. Reports of pothole problems have included one driver, Zeke Woolley, who reported to the Light he has sustained damage to his car and tires not once, but twice, from the same large hole on Torrey Pines Road near Ivanhoe. That followed an earlier incident, he said.

When he hit the Torrey Pines spot, which is said is about 1- to 2-feet in diameter and about 6 inches deep, Woolley wrote to Lightner’s office on March 29 about the flat tire and asked how to file a claim. He was referred to the Risk Management office.

Two weeks later, his wife hit the same pothole destroying the just-replaced tire and as well as damaging the wheel and requiring a wheel alignment. So far, Woolley says, his total damage is more than $1,900 — and the pothole still isn’t fixed.

That’s the kind situation Wildman hopes the Town Council can help rectify by organizing a committee. 
He said he called the city a while back about a major pothole that erupted after the city completed work on Girard Avenue.

The pothole was near US Bank, and Wildman said, “Nobody did anything about it. We may need to start talking about self-help.”

On Tuesday morning, he said he had sent an e-mail to Town Council Trustee Egon Kafka asking him to chair the committee as well as to observe the Scripps Ranch “Road Relief Rally” being organized by Councilman Carl DeMaio.

Acknowledging that the city probably wouldn’t go along with La Jollans fixing potholes, he said the predicament could be just the nudge that the Independent La Jolla movement needs to build momentum in its effort to find a way to create the City of La Jolla.



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