Community leader's view: Volunteer Kiwanians step up for La Jolla

Glen Rasmussen

Kiwanis Club of La Jolla

The Kiwanis Club of La Jolla gives hundreds of thousands of dollars back to the community each year that it earns from the Half Marathon and Roughwater Swim. We would love to have you join and help. We have fun doing our service. The club also performs numerous service projects like the Junior Olympics and the Pancake Breakfast, for the good of La Jolla.

One such project is the annual weed control and fire prevention cleanup on the bikepath, which we accomplished last weekend. Please take a look at the HUGE pile of green waste generated. It is near the path near Vincente Way and will be removed soon by the City Park and Rec Department.

What we didn’t need was one or two people pulling down our signs and accusing us of killing caterpillars and damaging trees with “bolts” (see, “’Action’ is a distraction!” in last week’s La Jolla Village News). Not one word in that letter was true, yet the Village News did not take the time to determine the validity of its content or author. I published my name and phone number if anyone wanted more information. No one called me. Yet the Village News saw fit to publish a “concern” (read “gossip”) letter by someone with a pseudonym (“Pat R, Bird Rock”).

The Light at least tries not to slap the faces of its volunteers in an irresponsibile manner such as that. Our thanks to all those who helped us to prevent fires and foxtails in our open area, which was fully permitted by the city. We did what they would do, if they had the funds. Our community is the better for the efforts of the Kiwanis Club.



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