Bird Rock fifth graders' Wave is the Rave

The Bird Rock Elementary School Class of 2011. Photo: Pearl Preis
The Bird Rock Elementary School Class of 2011. Photo: Pearl Preis

[gallery columns="2"]Bird Rock Elementary Schooll’s fifh-grade class of 2011 just completed its gift to the school, a mosaic wave.

Since the 1970s, the fifth graders have saluted the tradition with everything from murals to self-portraits and painted tiles to stained glass and mosaic.

This year, the 70 students helped to create fused glass and stamped high fire clay for two projects in the front of school. Looking to update the school entrance façade, the fifth-grade committee focused on the front of the school.

Collaborating with artists Jane Wheeler and Kathryn Stephens, both alumni moms, they glued various shades of blue to create the fused glass rim that surrounds “The Wave.”

Designed by Kathryn Stephens with the mosaic enhanced by Jane Wheeler, the wave captures the essence of Bird Rock — waves, water, starfish, sparkle, and by the sea blues. Embedded in the starfish are the words “Est. 1951” to commemorate Bird Rock’s 60th birthday.

Surrounding the flagpole next to the wave is a mosaic containing messages of inspiration stamped by the fifth graders such as “Be yourself,” “Let your personality fly,” “Inspire,” “Justice,” “Tubular” and “Every key opens something” Also embedded are the names of the students, teachers and principal.

The focal point is the class of 2011’s legacy message, “Bird Rock Elementary, Where Friendships Are Born,” surrounded by fused glass created by the students.

The retro original letters spelling Bird Rock Elementary School are being repainted a new dark blue and will return to the front of the school this summer.



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