Mudslide takes out Muirlands Realtor's driveway

Photo: Dave Schwab
Photo: Dave Schwab

By Dave Schwab

Staff Writer

Realtor Jim Jones got a surprise Tuesday morning: A mudslide outside his Muirlands hillside home had swept away a huge chunk of his asphalt driveway and his visiting daughter’s truck was precariously perched over the freshly created depression.

“It was about 7:30 a.m. and she’d gone out to walk the dog and found her truck ready to roll over and the road (driveway) was still crumbling,” he said. “Two wheels were in the hole and the other two were hanging on the rest of the asphalt.”

So Jones called 911 and police came and blocked off the road below his residence at 6453 El Camino Del Teatro. Police had the street barricaded off by about 8:45 a.m.

“You couldn’t pass through the street, mud had gone across it and covered it on both sides,” he said.

With the help of WindanSea Towing and Triple A the truck was extracted without any damage.

“We had to pay $195 but it was worth it,” Jones said. “There wasn’t a scratch or a dent. It looked like an impossible task.”

Jones said a city work crew with a dump truck and a Bobcat came in got the mudslide cleaned off the road. He said they started repairs about 10 a.m. and completed them about 3:30 or 4 p.m.

The cause of the mudslide, according to Jones, is a storm drain that crosses his property in the rear next to his garage coming down from the Muirlands.

“It sprung a leak for some reason and the water started coming down and saturating the soil and made it conducive for a slide,” he said. “It doesn’t rain that much in La Jolla: We didn’t know about it.”

Jones said he had no estimate of the damage to his property but added he’s in the process of filing a claim with the city.

The incident wasn’t totally unexpected, said Jones.

“Living on a hill, that’s what happens,” he said.



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