Bird Rock student weighs in on San Diego's cold summer

Dara Pite
Dara Pite

By Dara Pite

Editor’s note: Students in Ginny LaRowe’s fifth-grade class at Bird Rock Elementary School recently had an assignment to write a feature story about something in their community. The class members picked the four best, which the Light will publish in the coming weeks. Here’s the third one.

Many people know San Diego as “Sun Diego” because of its perfectly warm long summer days. WRONG! This summer was practically a winter. Instead of long warm sunny days, it was replaced by chilling rains and winds. This San Diego weather that made you shiver went down as one of the coldest summers ever reported in San Diego. Not only did this weather affect our daily lives, but also the economy.

Many people can describe this summer in one word “COLD.” In Orange County (OC), July was one of the coldest ever recorded. Here in San Diego it was even worse. Our average high temperature was 69.4 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the fifth chilliest July since the records began in 1875. It was usually 5 degrees colder than normal for most of July in OC. Luckily in the midst of this horrid weather we were able to have a few warm summer days. On the bright side the above typical rainfall in the Southwest kept the fire potential down.

While the people were safe was the economy? Not only did the weather drop, theme parks’ attendance did as well. Legoland had a drastic drop in sales compared to previous summers.

Also, Sea World’s “Marine World theme” did not help them during the more than usual rainy summer days. Without the appeal of the sun and sand tourists desire to travel to San Diego declined. This impacted the hotel industry as well. While most cities hotel industries were thriving, increasing by 8.1 percent, San Diego was opposite. There was a 4.7 percent decrease in hotel sales here.

As we can see, theme parks and visiting friends and family were not in peoples’ summer plans due to the weather. So what were they doing? Many people chose to stay in their warm homes, watch movies and do other indoor activities.

“I didn’t do nearly as many water or outdoor activities as I did last summer,” stated fifth grader at Bird Rock Elementary Nora Joyce. Without the sunshine people were less motivated to go out and be active.

“I bought lots of new pool activities to use and only went in my pool a few days this whole summer.” Ginny LaRowe, Bird Rock Elementary B-8 scholar’s teacher, said.

Will this bummer summer weather become a norm?

We are not sure if the future year will be like our past gray cold summer or sunny and amazing. But what we do know are these average highs and lows from past years. June low (L) 62.6 high (H) 72.2, July L 65.9 H 75.8, August L 67.4 H 77.5.

Most people are hoping for the high end of the averages next summer to make up for our terrible June, July and August!

Most San Diego residents think this was one of the summers with the worst weather in a long time.

Zoe Trudeau, La Jolla resident and Bird Rock Elementary fifth grader, shared in a recent interview “I NEVER went to the beach this summer!”

Let’s hope 2011 will be sunny and perfect. See you and everyone else at the beach!



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