Opinion: ‘Christmas’ in parade title is just plain wrong

By Ellyn Quiggle

La Jolla

How embarrassing it was this morning to see on the first page of the San Diego Union Tribune that La Jolla refuses to change the name of its "Christmas Parade" to "Holiday Parade,” as a good faith gesture to embrace all religions in the celebration of this holiday season.

With the history of anti-semitism La Jolla village has, you would think that La Jolla would jump at the opportunity to make reparations for its lurid past, and show a newfound commitment to political correctness and love for all cultures and religions. How would the "Christians" who stubbornly cling on to their religious title like it if the parade name were changed to "Chanukah Parade"?

I am a Christian who believes that actions speak louder than words. There is no room for anti-semitism or exclusion of any culture from our community. La Jolla continues to thumb its nose at the rest of the world's attempts to show respect for all cultures and religions, and by retaining the "Christmas Parade" title to what is supposed to a joyous community event for all, is making a statement that it is alright to exclude others this holiday season.

Question is, what would Jesus do? In this day and age, where we need to raise consciousness of our children to reject hatred, and to learn tolerance, it is repugnant.



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