Letters to the Editor: February 21, 2008

Opposition Mounts to Parking Meters

Are you being represented on the La Jolla "Community" Parking District Advisory Board?

We are living in interesting times in La Jolla. The community is having an awakening as to how a select few are influencing the La Jolla community and its very life style. Two of these small groups of people are the Board of Directors of Promote La Jolla, the Business Improvement District (BID) and the Parking Board. Several of the people involved are members of both.

Recently, the members of the Parking Board were advised by the city attorney's office that they are required to file a "Disclosure of Economic Interests" in order to be in compliance with state regulations regarding any conflict of interest prior to this city attorney advisory, two members of the Parking Board had resigned due to an expressed concern by the public regarding a potential conflict of interest on their part. One of the open positions was immediately filled with another member from Promote La Jolla, to support paid on-street parking in La Jolla.

The Parking Board consists of nine members. Three are appointed by Promote La Jolla. The La Jolla Town Council, the La Jolla Community Planning Association (LJCPA), the La Jolla Shores Association and the Bird Rock Community Council each appoint one.

The remaining two positions, the residents at large and the businesses at large, are there to represent the entire La Jolla community. When the Parking Board is free to take action again, it will be time for these two positions to be filled, since the one-year terms of both expired in January. These two positions will be filled, not by the community, but by the Parking Board itself, which is presently dominated by the members that favor paid on-street parking.

Recently, the business at large position, the resident at large position and the Community Planning Association position have been filled by individuals who were in support of paid on-street parking. Thus, with the three members from Promote La Jolla, six of the nine board members have supported paid on-street parking.

The La Jolla Parking Board has an opportunity to take a positive step forward and demonstrate a commitment to represent all of the viewpoints in the La Jolla community fairly. Nearly 5,000 people have signed petitions to oppose paid on-street parking and many more merchants and residents are willing to sign petitions.

The Parking Board should now elect two representatives at large that are not advocates of paid on-street parking and give the community some equality and an "at large" voice, to consider an alternative plan.

Ed Ward,

La Jolla

Paid on-street parking would end La Jolla's small town charm

On Wednesday, Feb. 6th, I had a visit at our family-owned gallery from one of America's finest landscape painters, Clive R. Tyler. Clive lives in Colorado and noticed the "No Paid On-Street Parking" T-shirt hanging in our window. He proceeded to tell me how much La Jolla reminded him of a small upscale town in Colorado named Cherry Creek, which had had very similar circumstances to La Jolla with the city of Denver pushing for, and finally getting, paid on-street parking with the help of a local advisory board.



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