Pizza your way at JJ's

The interior is funky and informal. But JJ's takes pizza, pasta, subs, and its array of appetizers very seriously.

JJ's offers a variety of pizzas by the slice and by the pie. Some of the pizzas are "flat enough to fold" (as the menu notes). You can order a cheese pizza by the slice for $2.29, or opt for a 12-inch pie (six slices for $10.99). The large pizza for $12.99 has eight slices, and the extra large 18-inch pizza (which feeds four to six people) runs $14. Extra toppings cost $1.75 each - and the assortment is endless. You can pile on anything from ham and meatballs to bacon, salami, artichokes, pineapples, jalapenos, and anchovies. There are more than two-dozen toppings listed on the menu.

There are several special pizzas at JJ's - including a "Combo Wabo" (pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, green pepper, onion, and black olive). Prices for this range from $14.49 for a 12-inch to $19.99 for the family sized.

Among the pies on the menu are "Grindin' Greek chicken" (with herb sauce instead of tomato sauce). That one is topped with tomato, Greek olives, and feta cheese. A 12-inch costs $14.49, and it goes up to $19.99 for the largest.

White pizza is a real favorite. It features olive oil, mozzarella cheese, fresh tomato, ricotta cheese, garlic and basil and costs $13.29 (12-inch), $13.29 (14-inch) and $17.99 (18-inch).

The barbequed chicken pie is another great choice that passes on traditional Italian red sauce. It features barbecued chicken and red onion along with mozzarella cheese and sells for $14.49 (12-inch), $16.49 (14-inch) and $19.99 (18-inch).

The menu features strombolis (delicious dough stuffed with different fillings - folded and baked in JJ's brick oven). These are priced at $9.99. Topping cost $1.25 each.

Calzones are another way of enjoying pizza dough and fillings. These popular concoctions run $10.99 -- with $1.25 each for extra toppings.

Pizza is prominent at JJ's, of course, but it's not the only food that attracts the local crowd. Wings and pasta are another favorite with JJ's regulars. The "wicked good wings" come in hot and spicy buffalo style and medium, hot and rickter level. You can also have your wings barbeque style. A small basket of eight large wings will cost you $6.29, while the large basket containing 16 wings is $9.49.

Spaghetti with marinara sauce and a side of garlic bread costs just $4.99. Add meatballs to your spaghetti dinner for $5.99. Fettuccini in Alfredo sauce is another pasta treat. It comes with garlic bread as well for $5.99, and if you add sliced garlic chicken breast, the meal comes to $6.99.

JJ's calls its appetizers "awesome" and the "Barrelin' Bread Sticks" really live up to that description. These bread sticks are dough baked golden brown and basted with garlic butter. They're topped with fresh Parmesan cheese and served with a side of marinara or ranch for dipping. Enjoy a large basket for $3.99.

The chicken strips are served with ranch, blue cheese, barbeque or buffalo sauce. They're available in five-strip portions ($5.49) or on 10-strip platters ($8.49).



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