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For neighborhood creativity, check out the Lyon Lending Library in Bird Rock

Bird Rock residents Lex Land Ana Lyon took a trip to Portland, Oregon and came back with a creative idea for the Bird Rock neighborhood: The Lyon Lending Library. If you take a stroll down the 5700 block of Beaumont Avenue, you will pass by a handcrafted wooden hutch on stilts housing a mini lending library. Lex and Ana started out in November putting their own books in the hutch, and now the number of books has increased and usage is up at least tenfold.

La Jolla Cluster Partnership Agreement Update: Community-based education reform hits the pause button for now

Cluster representatives have been asked to postpone submitting the document to the San Diego Unified School Board for approval until after our superintendent designate Cindy Marten shares her vision of Community-Based Education Reform, which should happen in early July, after she officially takes office.

Mayor declares May 28 ‘End of Poop Day’ in La Jolla

The Mayor issued an Emergency Finding under the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 in order to get the work started.  The accumulation of bird waste is a public health hazard that threatens public health, safety and welfare, the mayor’s office said. Photo illustration Melissa Macis

Thank you Mayor Bob Filner for tackling the nauseating problem that has been plaguing residents, visitors, pedestrians, runners, diners and businesses in La Jolla for almost two years — the horrid stench along the beautiful Cove coastline caused by the bird and marine mammal excrement aggregating on the cliffs.

Letters to the editor, May 23 issue

Our local government is criticized, often with good cause, for not being responsive to its citizens. In this case, however, government worked — and worked quickly. A special thank-you to Councilmember Lightner for her initiative and quick action here.

Opinion: Stop blaming SeaWorld for the seal colony at Children’s Pool in La Jolla

Sarah Wan-B&W

In the final analysis, it really doesn’t matter where the seals may have come from. What matters is that they are here and we are all the richer for it. People come from all over the world to see these marine mammals. They are one of San Diego’s unique and valuable treasures and need to be protected for all

Opinion: The Mayor’s the Man! … If he can quell the Cove Stench

Mayor Filner poses with the Pakaraguian Kulintang Ensemble from the Philippines, May 11 at the Center for World Music’s 50th Anniversary Festival in Scripps Park. Lance Nelson

Mayor Bob Filner continues to hold the media spotlight as he charges through the bureaucracy at San Diego City Hall to get things done for the people who voted him into office just seven months ago. La Jollan’s fears that he would only focus on city-core issues instead of neighborhood needs have proved unfounded, as the mayor’s presence in La Jolla has been steady since November.

Opinion/Letters to the Editor: A poem revisited in light of Children’s Pool closing


Regarding the city of San Diego’s new plan to close off access to the Children’s pool completely during seal pupping season, I paraphrase a famous poem attributed to Martin Niemoller as follows:

Opinion / Letters to the Editor: Sharks are back in La Jolla because of the pinnipeds

I predicted the pinnipeds would starve and the sharks will make a comeback, and it’s happening! It’s all the more reason to restore the pool and have a safe haven.

Opinion: La Jolla High School needs to fix accessibility for disabled


I attend La Jolla High and was also interested to read about the changes principal Dana Shelbourne has made to upgrade the campus. I have a different viewpoint. Accessibility. In a non-disabled person’s mind, that word lacks meaning, but in a disabled person’s mind, the word “accessibility” is everything. Accessibility is how he or she is able to live his or her life as normally as possible.

La Jolla residents need to watch out for city revenue scams

These signs are posted on Eads Avenue in La Jolla.

I read with great interest “Jaywalking story draws readers’ comments,” in the March 20, issue of the La Jolla Light. Rand Hogan nailed the concept behind the crackdown on jaywalking, which is just another source of revenue for the City of San Diego.

There is another great source of absurd revenue for the City that takes place on the street I live on every Friday and Monday morning between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.

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