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Dogs must be leashed in public for the protection of all

'I will likely have a scar on my thigh from this dog bite,' Laurel Nation

I just read the two Letters to the Editor in the Oct. 17 issue regarding unleashed dogs at Calumet Park, calling it a non-issue. While the writers have their right to an opinion, the law is that dogs must be leashed in public places. Pet owners who unleash their dogs in public are welcome to practice civil disobedience, but they risk being ticketed and I fully support that.

La Jolla High Foundation hopes to raise $150,000 in November

a Jolla High School Foundation recently kicked off its 2013 Fall Giving Campaign, “Conquer the Cuts,” with a goal of reaching $150,000 in November. La Jolla High is one of the best public high schools in the country, but maintaining these standards is increasingly difficult due to continued budget cuts at all levels of government. Every year, the Foundation is asked to fund items to support the academic and athletic success of its students. Last year, more than $500,000 was donated to cover requested and approved items, such as school and office supplies, grants to classrooms, staffing for nursing and counseling services, technology, campus and field maintenance, and support for the numerous athletic teams and programs.

Opinion/Letters to the Editor: ‘Tarnishing Our Jewel’ Followup


Letters to the Editor: Readers write about ‘Tarnishing Our Jewel,’ banning leaf-blowers, the sale of the La Jolla Village post office, the ongoing Cove stench, cigarettes and unleashed dogs in public parks, banning plastic bags and more.

We need leadership for solutions to occur


While I applaud this (Tarnishing Our Jewel) addition to the paper, may I offer a suggestion: possible solutions to the problems?

For example, while the news racks are one of our biggest eyesores, they could be made better. First, eliminate all the un-permitted /abandoned racks, then group the permitted REAL news racks in uniform structures, such as this one in Monterey.
Maybe the publications that are tossed on our driveways would use these instead of littering the Jewel.

‘La Jolla Beautification’? A better title, in consideration of an event on Esterel Drive on Monday, Sept. 17 (at least for the offended victim) might be “La Jolla Chainsaw Massacre.”

The mess left behind.

Picture a frail, elderly, widowed artist/teacher of considerable renown, returning to her home following lunch with my niece visiting from Pennsylvania and a best friend, She found a truck parked in front of her house and beside it, a burly San Diego city workman hacking away with a chainsaw at greenery bordering her property, which she had carefully tended for more than 40 years.

Residents must ban together to effect changes in La Jolla

Traffic backed up on Torrey Pines Road. File

For months neighbors along Torrey Pines Road (from La Jolla Village to La Jolla Parkway and La Jolla Scenic Drive) have been subjected to noise and horrendous speeds of up to six motorcycles racing every Thursday at 10 p.m., for 5 or 10 minutes. Finally, working with Officer Tom Underwood of San Diego Police Department’s Northern Division, we got police to set up a speed trap on Thursday night and, according to Underwood, it was successful and citations were issued.

An Independent La Jolla would be a good thing!

broken bricks 3

Thanks to Melinda Merryweather, our tireless advocate for independence. For the cost of one Tomahawk Missile, La Jolla could finally become its own, independent City, and then WE can decide how to clean and beautify our streets, control our traffic, help our merchants thrive and better serve our residents, independently of the City of San Diego’s continuous fiascos. The benefits far outweigh any detriment. There must be an angel out there to help make this happen.

La Jolla resident Lorri Sabban remembers 9/11

Lorri Sabban on a recent visit to New York City. Towering behind her is One World Trade Center, the main building of the new World Trade Center complex. Photos: Lorri Sabban

Twelve years later, our country pauses to remember the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil, which reduced the World Trade Center to rubble and turned it into an instant gravesite for nearly 3,000 victims. Today, Ground Zero is home to One World Trade Center, (the tallest building in the United States), a museum, and a memorial paying respect to the innocent people who perished on Sept. 11, 2001.

Fellow La Jollans! Let’s push for a Trader Joe’s in town!


I have talked with many of you about our common desire to have a Trader Joe’s in the Village. I have written to Trader Joe’s, but received no response to my suggestion that they contact the owners of the Heinz Gietz property, which I understand is going out of business. I do not know its availability, but there is a realtor’s sign on it.

Letters to the Editor with concerns about leadership at La Jolla High School, damage from leaf blowers

In regard to your Aug. 15 cover story, “Search underway for new principal at La Jolla High,” I am curious to know how 100 parents of current and former LJHS students knew about the Aug. 6 meeting? WHO WAS NOTIFIED? BY WHOM? HOW WERE THEY NOTIFIED?

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