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Letters to the Editor: Parking spots in La Jolla are not worth fighting over; Should dogs be leash-free?

Juliana Beletsis took this photo of a confrontation between two drivers trying for the same parking spot in the Village of La Jolla.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: On Saturday, July 12, a young lady stood in defiance as she held a parking spot for her friend. She challenged the driver, who was trying to park, to run her over. He eventually left. In my opinion, people should quit this practice, it leaves a bad taste. Whichever car gets there first has right of way to that space!

Three cheers for seagulls! They are a godsend to man

seagull chick at lifeguard station 5

Surely you knew that the “seagull chick” article on your front page last week would elicit a strong response from the small handful of La Jollans who think the Earth was created solely for them. However, I am proud that our city did the right thing in taking a stand for this helpless little chick (and halting lifeguard tower construction until it was able to fly away.) In so doing, the city not only helped the baby seagull, it also helped us.

Technology and open discussion can increase participation, diversity in community meetings

Sherry Nooravi

I am writing in response to the article “La Jolla Town Council considers it’s purpose, identity” in the June 19 La Jolla Light. First, I’d like to acknowledge the members of this group for their efforts toward making our community a better place. I also acknowledge the courage they have to take a step back and review the content, structure and attendance of their meetings.

Note to parents: Smart kids wear sunglasses!

Gordon Bigler with one of his daughters. Courtesy

My wife and I (we met playing tennis at La Jolla Rec Center) are always amazed when we go to the park or pool and look around to find most adults wearing sunglasses and hats, while the kids are not wearing either and are left fully exposed to the sun.

Mayor Faulconer’s visit to La Jolla inspired hope for change

meet the mayor - close up

Long-time La Jolla resident, Betty Dow, and I attended the meeting at La Jolla Rec Center last Monday evening to know our new mayor better and to listen to his plans to support our great community. We were enlightened and thrilled with his vision for our city.

Some thoughts on my 80th birthday

My wife, Dorrie, and I will celebrate our 50th anniversary in October.

Two months ago, I looked in the mirror and saw an old man. Me? Old? Yes, me. Change that to “older.” The truth is that on June 22, I will be 80 years old.

Some of the streets in La Jolla are indeed roads to ruin!


In response to your Tarnishing the Jewel series, I would like to see attention paid to Coast Boulevard, which is in poor shape at several sites. Last month, the City of San Diego completely re-laid the road in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art and it looks wonderful. Why was that stretch done solo and not several blocks north and south of there? Can you find out? (Photo featured.)

Letters to the Editor: City needs to attend to dying trees on La Jolla Boulevard


I have been a resident of La jolla for more than 60 years and have always found the beautiful pine trees along the 6100 to 6400 blocks of La jolla Blvd. to be very comforting and beautiful. The trees were planted along the street by the Methodist Church Boy Scout Troop in 1949 and they are now dying.

Letters to the Editor: There’s a way to tell sea lions from seals!

sea lion

I learned (and also observed in nature) that sea lions are able to “walk” or “scoot along” on the sand and rocks by moving both their front flippers and their back flippers back-and-forth, and they can exhibit an upright posture. Seals, on the other hand, can only propel themselves with their front flippers with their back flippers dragging behind them when they “walk” on the beach, exhibiting a more prone position than sea lions. Sea lions are definitely more maneuverable on land than seals are.

La Jolla Town Council formed 64 years ago to be the voice of the community


For 64 years, the Town Council has managed land-use management ratification in La Jolla, as well as providing a town hall forum for residents and merchants alike, using that platform to investigate, debate, reach consensuses and solve issues of community concern. Our Distinguished Speakers Series is known for bringing dynamic subject matter to the Village, with topics ranging from art, culture, law and political science.

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