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La Jolla oral surgeon will travel to India as conference keynoter

Dr. Peter nordland

La Jolla oral surgeon Dr. Peter Nordland, DMD, MS, has spent the past 25 years traveling and teaching — and he’s not stopping now.
On Oct. 21, Nordland will depart for India to be the keynote speaker at the Indian Society of Periodontology National Conference.

Arthritis Foundation of San Diego to present tips for living with rheumatoid arthritis


The Arthritis Foundation of San Diego is offering a seminar for patients newly diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday, Aug. 23, 2013 at the Arthritis Foundation Office, 8555 Aero Drive, Suite 200 in San Diego. Cost is free and lunch is included, but reservations are required by calling (858) 492-1090.

Research Report: Why don’t we all get Alzheimer’s disease?


Every human brain contains the ingredients necessary to spark Alzheimer’s disease (AD). But while an estimated 5 million Americans have AD, the vast majority of people do not (and will not) develop the devastating neurological condition. How is that possible? Researchers from UC San Diego School of Medicine have uncovered a “trick of nature” that maintains critical separation between a protein and an enzyme that, when combined, triggers the progressive cell degeneration and death characteristic of AD.

Frontline Cancer: Duane Roth’s vision and leadership will be missed

Dr. Scott Lippman

Recently, I gathered with more than a thousand friends, colleagues, admirers and devoted family members to remember Duane Roth, who died Aug. 3 after suffering a traumatic head injury in a bicycling accident. He was 63.

USGS releasing maps of state’s coastal seafloor

An 8-inch kelp greenling fish swimming above a seafloor of mixed gravel, cobble and rock with scattered shell. The image was acquired 1 kilometer off the shore of Half Moon Bay, California at a depth of 14 meters.

With the new maps, decision-makers and elected officials can better design and monitor marine reserves and evaluate ocean energy potential.

Research Report: Uncovering brain’s underlying circuit architecture


The power of the brain lies in trillions of synapses — intercellular connections that together form complex neural networks. Efforts to map these individual connections to see how they influence specific brain functions have so far been unsuccessful.

A 7-foot-in-diameter helium balloon provides sufficient lift for an HD video camera to record leopard shark movements in the waters below.

Balloon films sharks off La Jolla Shores to study aggregation and other behaviorial patterns.

Naked Truth: La Jolla author shares tales of raw food healing

Diana Stobo's 'Get Naked Fast' reveals how to implement The Naked Diet and heal the body with certain foods.

La Jolla native Diana Stobo said she’s made the switch from using food as “bad” medicine to using food as “good” medicine, and she’s on a mission to share her story. She is the author of “Get Naked Fast” and “Naked Bliss,” books about the “naked” lifestyle and diet, which is a subset of the raw food movement.

FRONTLINE CANCER: The courage to ask questions

Dr. Scott Lippman

Think of a very serious cancer. You can reduce the risk of that cancer to almost zero, but to do so, you must undergo major surgery. Now imagine that a very good genetic test exists that can determine your risk for that cancer and help you decide whether to pursue the risk-reducing surgery. Would you take the test?

‘Bath salts’ stimulant highly addictive, La Jolla researchers say

Bath Salts

An emerging recreational stimulant could be more addictive than methamphetamine.

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