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Invisalign treatment and preventative health care: the link between crooked teeth, gum disease and overall wellness

Tracy Taddey | La Jolla Dentist

Bombarded with glossy media images of Hollywood starlets sporting megawatt smiles, its no wonder that today’s dental patients tend to associate teeth-straightening techniques with cosmetic dentistry alone. However, despite impressive aesthetic improvements to straightening technology in recent years, a pretty smile is only one of the perks achieved by correcting malocclusion – the dental term for crowded, crooked, or otherwise abnormally spaced teeth. Dental health professionals recommend straightening options like Invisalign to individuals with misaligned teeth in order to prevent both gum disease and other systemic health problems. Far from simply improving the appearance of one’s smile, Invisalign can serve as a powerful preventative tool to keep teeth, gums and the rest of the body strong and healthy for years to come.

Pregnancy and oral health: how proper dental care may help prevent adverse pregnancy outcomes

La Jolla Dentist | Tracy Taddey

Every year, over six million U.S. women become pregnant – and subsequently find themselves with the monumental responsibility of caring not only for their own health and well being, but for that of their unborn child as well. While many warnings related to pregnancy risk (such as advisories against the use of tobacco, alcohol, caffeine and other potentially harmful substances) are fairly well known, others – including the possible link between periodontal infection and negative pregnancy outcomes – are far less commonly discussed. According to the New York State Department of Health, “emerging evidence shows an association between periodontal infection and adverse pregnancy outcomes, such as premature delivery and low birth weight.” As noted in the San Diego County Dental Society Journal, these connections underline the importance of adequate dental care and oral hygiene throughout pregnancy.

Teeth whitening solutions: expert advice for achieving and maintaining a stunning smile

La Jolla Dentist | Tracy Taddey

Most of us would agree that stained, yellow teeth leave a bad impression; and when it comes to individuals living in the public eye, a single unflattering photo (like that of Lindsay Lohan sporting a less-than-bright smile from a recent issue of OK Magazine) can be the making of a complete PR nightmare. Of course, celebrities aren’t the only ones who strive after and appreciate bright smiles; and because white teeth project an image of youth, health and beauty, most people – be they celebrities or public figures, school teachers or business professionals, parents or students – like to keep their teeth as clean and white as possible.

Innovative pet therapy eases patient fears – and transforms the typical dental exam experience

Tracy Taddey | La Jolla Dentist

By Tracy Taddey, DDS Let’s be honest: few people look forward to routine doctor’s appointments – and unfortunately, the prospect of a dental examination inspires more fear than most. Whether incurred after a bad childhood experience, an uncomfortable procedure or a simple distaste for the sound of a dentist’s drill, exam chair phobia can be [...]

Ceramic crowns: the key to beauty in restorative dental care

La Jolla dentist Tracy Taddey

Most dental patients associate restorative dentistry with unattractive gold alloy crowns – solutions built to last, but at the expense of patient aesthetics. As dental technology continues to advance, however, attractive ceramic options are becoming increasingly available for visible restorative work; and while the time-tested alloy crowns may still be ideal for invisible areas of the mouth, all-ceramic restorations are raising the standard when it comes to attractive, affordable and high-quality smile enhancement.

Digital oral scanner brings improved efficiency, scope to dental exams

La Jolla Dentist

By Dr. Tracy Taddey, D.D.S. Advances in digital technology are changing everything from music industry sales to medical research methods – and cutting-edge dentistry is no exception to the trend. After decades spent tied to inconvenient oral impression techniques, dental professionals are embracing new, state-of-the-art digital scanners into mainstream practice: and according to the Oral [...]

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