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Chin plastic surgery: enhance your profile and reduce the signs of aging with a chin augmentation procedure

Stuart B. Kincaid | San Diego Plastic Surgery

On a recent edition of MSNBC’s TODAY Show, Dr. Oz addressed the growing popularity of a new procedure known as chin plastic surgery. Designed to enhance a weak chin and strengthen the overall patient profile, chin augmentation surgery is swiftly becoming one of the most popular procedures on the market. While both men and women may benefit from this surgery, male patients are particularly drawn to the possibility of a more chiseled jaw line. For those looking to treat themselves to a late Father’s Day present, or just an image upgrade, chin plastic surgery is a simple and effective procedure that can transform one’s profile and turn back the clock on premature aging.

FDA approves Sientra high-strength silicone gel breast implants

San Diego plastic surgeon | Stuart B. Kincaid

Sientra high-strength silicone gel breast implants, known by some laymen as “gummy bear” implants for their singular shape retention, have been used successfully for approximately 30 years outside the U.S. Recently, the FDA officially approved these implants for cosmetic breast augmentation and breast reconstruction within the U.S., sparking a potential trend in cosmetic plastic surgery toward rounder, stronger and more natural looking breast implants. According to ABC News, the FDA approval, issued in March 2012, makes high-strength silicone gel breast implants available outside of clinical trials for the first time to local patients. With concern over rupture-prone breast implants on the rise, it is likely that demand for high-strength silicone alternatives will increase as patients grown more familiar with the potential benefits of these high-strength cohesive silicone gel implants.

Plastic surgery financing options: how to make cosmetic procedures more affordable

San Diego Plastic Surgeon | Stuart B. Kincaid

Despite news of economic recovery on the horizon, most people throughout the U.S. are still struggling to bounce back in the wake of the recession. As a result, consumers remain limited when it comes to discretionary spending; and that means putting everything from vacations and new appliances to personal care purchases on hold. However, in the case of plastic surgery, financing options can make it possible for potential patients to tackle longstanding physical concerns – even if they are living on a budget.

Mommy Makeover plastic surgery: celebrating motherhood and sustaining youthful beauty

Stuart B. Kincaid | San Diego Plastic Surgeon

For many women, motherhood is a defining role in life – one responsible for a great many blessings, and as such worthy of any and all sacrifices. Some of these sacrifices, however – such as pregnancy weight-gain and post-baby stretch marks and sagging – can take their toll on a woman’s self-esteem, reducing overall confidence and ultimately damaging her ability to look and feel her best. Today, so-called Mommy Makeover plastic surgery is an ideal option for women looking to regain the youthful appearance and toned physique they enjoyed prior to having children. By combining a diverse selection of body contouring and cosmetic surgery procedures to meet each individual patient’s needs, a skilled plastic surgeon can help women fight back against the more stubborn side-effects of pregnancy and child-bearing – and to celebrate motherhood without sacrificing their sense of sensuality or self-worth.

Plastic surgery, laser and chemical peel procedures offer adult acne solutions with lasting results

Stuart B. Kincaid | San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Many people may associate acne with adolescence, and assume that the condition is not an issue for older individuals; but unfortunately, there is no such thing as a “time limit” when it comes to acne breakouts, blemishes and subsequent scarring. Adult acne solutions are thus of major import to a significant percentage of the population, including those currently experiencing breakouts and also those looking to reduce the appearance of scarring from past bouts of acne.

PIP breast implant scare prompts renewed safety concerns and interest in breast augmentation revision surgeries among plastic surgery patients

Stuart B. Kincaid | San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Over the last few months, plastic surgeons worldwide have been keeping a close eye on the developing situation in France concerning dangerous PIP silicone breast implants, manufactured by the company Poly Implant Prothese and constructed using non-medical-grade silicone. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, PIP was forced to cease production of the implants as of 2010; but prior to their removal from the medical marketplace, at least 30,000 French women and thousands of others throughout the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and South America received the implants during breast augmentation surgeries. The industrial grade silicone used in the manufacture of the PIP implants significantly increases the likelihood of a rupture, and subsequently contributes to possible health concerns associated with the dissemination of the silicone throughout the body. As a result, French authorities are offering to foot the bill for breast augmentation revision surgeries, while U.K. officials are conducting a review before deciding on similar procedures.

After significant weight loss, bariatric surgery patients may still need help for complete physical recovery and emotional well being

Stuart B. Kincaid | San Diego Plastic Surgeon

As the holiday season swings into full gear, so too do many people’s resolutions to live healthier lives in the year to come. Weight loss is perhaps the most common New Year’s resolution of them all; and with nearly one third of the U.S. population currently battling obesity, the need for safe and effective weight-loss strategies is more critical than ever before. In some cases, bariatric surgery procedures can help obese individuals to reach a healthier weight; but while diet and lifestyle changes may be enough to aid some patients thereafter in maintaining that weight, other patients may require the services of a bariatric plastic surgeon in order to live a healthy, active lifestyle.

Justin Timberlake vs. the Marlboro Man: the changing face of male self-image in America

Stuart B. Kincaid | San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Youth, beauty, style and a slim physique: for decades, these concerns have weighed heavy on the minds of women everywhere – and left men more or less alone. But in an increasingly image-conscious society – one in which men are now inundated with the likes of Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, and even dapper anti-heroes like “Mad Men” charmer Don Draper – the desire for physical fitness, fashion sense and a “put together” appearance has trickled into the male sphere as well. According to a recent business report for the Huffington Post, self-image woes have swept the male population over the past decade, spreading from celebrities and public figures to everyday men of all ages; and as a result, the business of beautification is striving to encompass both sexes in equal measure.

Sculptra and SmartXide DOT Fractional CO2 Laser procedures offer affordable alternative to facial plastic surgery

Stuart B. Kincaid | San Diego Plastic Surgeon

In our current economic climate, discretionary spending has become difficult – if not downright impossible – for many Americans; and yet, according to a recent news release from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, high unemployment and an increasingly cutthroat job market have prompted some older job seekers to undergo cosmetic plastic surgery despite the cost. These individuals hope that, by restoring a youthful look to their faces, they will retain a competitive edge in their quest for employment. But the simple truth is that plastic surgery is expensive, and by no means without the need for post-operative downtime, rest and recovery. For those looking for a more efficient alternative that won’t break the bank, non-invasive cosmetic procedures are a safe and significantly less costly solution.

FDA reiterates silicone breast implant safety – but urges women to follow-up for optimal health

Dr. Stuart B. Kincaid | Plastic Surgeon

Over the last decade, plastic surgery patients and professionals have repeatedly questioned the safety risks associated with silicone breast implants; but now, in the wake of extensive research by implant producers and subsequent FDA market approval, silicone seems finally to have outgrown its ambiguous medical reputation. According to a recent report from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS), chief FDA scientist Dr. William Maisel conclusively reaffirmed silicone breast implant safety after a two day summit regarding accumulated study results: however, he also noted that researchers are becoming more concerned with low patient follow-up rates after receiving the implants – and stressed the importance of post-operative and annual check-ups in order to minimize complication risk and achieve optimal safety for the long term.

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