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Obama Shines Light on Psychological Issues in America, Illuminating the Importance of Professional Treatment

Psychologists in La Jolla

By Stephen M. Pfeiffer, Ph.D. In an effort to bring mental health issues “out of the shadows,” President Barack Obama called on Americans to rally in support of those suffering with psychological disorders at this year’s National Conference on Mental Health held June 3 at the White House. “Struggling with a mental illness or caring [...]

In the news: California workers’ compensation benefits for professional athletes

California workers' compensation benefits

Lawmakers and industry experts debate the current California workers’ compensation benefits system as it pertains to professional athletes filing claims from out of state.

California workers’ comp laws: new bill to address mental health disability ratings

California workers' comp laws

SB626 proposes changes to increase fairness in current California workers’ comp laws.

Healing after car accident trauma: taking emotional, physical and psychological factors into account

Car accident trauma

Healing from car accident trauma requires recognition and treatment of emotional and psychological symptoms as well as physical injuries.

Beyond the basics: workplace trauma and the impact of community

Workplace trauma

Workplace trauma can take many shapes and forms — and employers are best served by being prepared to address any traumatic events that may occur on the job.

Managing workplace stress is key to combating serious health risks and preventing disability

Managing workplace stress

Managing workplace stress is critical for long-term health and disability prevention.

PTSD in first responders: emergency personnel’s repeated exposure to trauma can cause severe emotional stress

PTSD in first responders

PTSD in first responders is a common workplace risk — and one that should be addressed by employers as a preemptive measure.

Workplace stress management: therapeutic intervention can boost productivity and employee well being

Workplace stress management

Workplace stress management is critical to employee productivity and well-being, especially during the hectic holiday season.

How to deal with malingering in work comp cases: ensuring fair assessment for workers and employers alike

Work Comp Cases - Psychologist in La Jolla

Thorough examinations from both medical doctors and psychologists are critical when it comes to catching malingerers in work comp cases.

New California workers’ compensation law cuts mental health coverage, sparks concern among medical and legal communities

Earlier this month, lawmakers passed a new California workers’ compensation law that stands to enact a series of changes to the current system in an effort to cut insurance costs. According to CBS News, measure SB863 was approved in the California Senate by a 68-4 vote, and in the State Assembly by a similarly lopsided margin. However, while the vote went overwhelmingly in favor of the bill, the vast majority of those involved in the decision did not have an opportunity to even so much as read the measure prior to the floor vote, which was held on the last day of the Legislature’s session. The bill’s passage has thus prompted grave concern among those affected by the legislation — including injured workers, doctors, attorneys and psychologists – who view the vote as a back-room deal enacted without proper input and review.

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