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Being Ignored in the Workplace Worse than Being Bullied

Business Desk and Empty Office Chair Outdoors White Desert

By Stephen M. Pfeiffer, Ph.D. Most people grew up hearing that “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” But a new study out of Canada suggests that being ignored in the workplace is actually worse on an employee’s mental and physical well-being than being bullied. Researchers at the University [...]

Workplace Harassment Can’t Simply be Blamed on Personality Clashes

Tired business woman with headache at seminar

By Stephen M. Pfeiffer, Ph.D. It may be easier to say that harassment in the workplace is due solely to personality clashes – that person A and person B simply have two conflicting personality types. It’s not that simple, however. In most cases, the cause of harassment is the workplace itself; it’s the environment the [...]

Envy: The Great Motivator

Mobbing am Arbeitsplatz: Mißgunst unter Frauen

By Stephen M. Pfeiffer, Ph.D. If envy were a fever, all the world would be ill.  ~Danish Proverb We’ve been told that we’re not supposed to feel envious of others. In fact, coveting another’s advantages, successes and possessions is one of the seven deadly sins. Plus, envy makes us feel unhappy with ourselves. But maybe [...]

Mental Illness in the Workplace


By Stephen M. Pfeiffer, Ph.D. According to a 2012 report by the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services, almost 46 million adult Americans experienced a diagnosable mental, behavioral or emotional disorder in 2011. When these mental, behavioral and emotional disorders cause people ongoing stress and affect their ability to function, we refer to it [...]

Today’s Mentally Destructive Workplace

Young pensive businesswoman sitting at the table on her workplace in office

By Stephen M. Pfeiffer, Ph.D. According to ABC News, Americans work more than citizens in any other industrialized country. We take fewer vacations, work longer days, and retire later. Perhaps, not surprisingly, a survey by Harris Interactive for Everest College found that about 83 percent of American workers report feeling stressed out by their jobs [...]

The Psychology of Unexplained Physical Symptoms

Senior physician having headache

By Stephen M. Pfeiffer, Ph.D. Have you ever visited a doctor with a symptom, such as a headache, abdominal pain or back pain, only to be told that he or she can’t find anything wrong with you? This is actually quite common, and a well known fact in the health care provider community.  A recent [...]

Stress Identified As Number One Workforce Risk

workplace stress

By Stephen M. Pfeiffer, Ph.D. A workforce risk is any issue that could compromise the efficiency and profitability of an organization and its people. These issues include everything from inadequate training to organizational culture to operational safety hazards to ergonomic issues. However, the 2013/2014 Towers Watson Staying@Work Survey, which surveyed over 5,000 U.S. workers, identified [...]

Bullying in the Workplace Is Common and Serious


By Stephen M. Pfeiffer, Ph.D. Workplace bullying recently became news because Miami Dolphin’s lineman, Jonathan Martin, was allegedely bullied by fellow teammates. But Martin’s experience is not an isolated case. The article, “Workplace bullying more common than most think,” by Kristen V. Brown  cites data from the Workplace Bullying Institute that in 2010 35% of [...]

Workplace Depression Caused Primarily by Workplace Injustice


By Stephen M. Pfeiffer, Ph.D. Twelve percent of American workers have been diagnosed as depressed at some point, which has cost companies over $23 billion in absenteeism. Why are workers so depressed? It’s not because they don’t like their jobs. Nor is it due to heavy workloads.  The results of a Danish study show that [...]

Obamacare: Improving Mental Health Care Accessibility for the Hispanic-American Community

Qualified Medical Evaluator in San Diego comments on Obamacare and its effect on the Hispanic community.

By Stephen M. Pfeiffer, Ph.D. This January, Obamacare will become national legislation, leading the way to America’s first universal healthcare program. In addition to providing adequate care for all demographics, Hispanics are expected to particularly benefit from Obamacare according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Improved healthcare accessibility and the expansion of [...]

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