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Anti-aging skin tips: how to keep facial skin looking young and healthy

SK Sanctuary | Stephen M. Krant

Most of us know that getting enough sleep is an important part of staying healthy and looking our best. However, a recent study has shown that how we sleep – including the positions we prefer and even the type of pillowcase we use – can have an impact on our overall appearance. Subsequently, sleep-related anti-aging skin tips may help prevent the formation and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that betray advancing age.

Popular plastic surgery procedures see rebound as U.S. economy improves

SK Clinic | Stephen M. Krant

Over the last few years, much of the nation’s economic news has centered upon the crippling effects of the Great Recession; but now, at long last, the economic tide is beginning to turn. From greater confidence on Wall Street to increased consumer spending, small improvements are pointing to a slowly but surely strengthening economy – and according to a recent article for NPR, popular plastic surgery procedures are among the services enjoying a boost in demand among those with disposable income.

Anti-aging plastic surgery procedures: distinguishing the hype from the science for safe, natural results

SK Sanctuary | Stephen M. Krant

Over the past few decades, the field of plastic surgery has undergone momentous change. From reconstructive surgery breakthroughs to anti-aging injectables to geographically-defined butt-lift procedures, the options available to plastic surgery patients have increased exponentially and evolved to attract everyone, from baby boomers to men and women in their twenties and thirties to septuagenarians and beyond. But with seemingly unlimited choice and customization comes also the threat of misleading advertising and unsafe methods: and as noted in a recent article for the Philadelphia Inquirer, it can be tricky these days to separate plastic surgery “hype” from hard medical science.

Cosmetic breast enhancement: understanding patient options for breast augmentation and breast lift surgical procedures

SK Clinic | Stephen M. Krant

Most women can think of a thing or two they’d change about their bodies if they could; and for many of these women, bigger, perkier and more youthful-looking breasts are at the top of that makeover wish list. Since the 1960s, women have been seeking out breast enhancement surgery procedures in order to look and feel their best – and today, these surgeries are among the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures in the U.S. Depending on the shape and size of their breasts, and whether or not they have had children, women interested in improving the appearance of their breasts may be candidates for either breast augmentation or breast lift surgery. However, as with any surgical procedure, it is important to discuss these options and other considerations with a board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon.

Non-invasive cosmetic procedures restore youth and vitality to aging skin

SK Clinic | Stephen M. Krant

Over the last few years, society has grown increasingly accepting of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures as a means by which to boost confidence, combat aging, and restore a fitter, healthier look to the human face and figure. However, while plastic surgery has advanced considerably in recent years, so too have non-invasive techniques for rejuvenating the skin, eliminating unwanted hair, and revitalizing the body. From localized injectables like Botox and Sculptra to Fraxel laser resurfacing and Thermage toning treatments, the field of non-invasive cosmetic procedures has evolved to deliver some of the most effective and affordable results on the market. The following is an introductory guide to the some of the most popular among these treatments – and a reference for anyone looking for maximum value and safe, natural results in the field of cosmetic surgery.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapy offers relief for plastic surgery patients

SK Sanctuary | Stephen M. Krant

As shown in a recent survey conducted by the American Massage Therapy Association, 90% of Americans believe in the therapeutic benefits of massage. But while many individuals associate massage with relief from muscle tension, they may be unaware of the additional benefits that can be achieved through specific therapeutic approaches to the practice. An experienced masseuse can offer substantial relief and pain management to individuals suffering from a variety of chronic or trauma-induced conditions ranging from arthritis to sports injury to lymphedema. When properly administered by a qualified professional, massage therapy is an effective and enjoyable supplement to any healthcare regimen – as well as an ideal way to detoxify the body, reduce swelling, relieve stress and eliminate tension.

Innovative mid-face lift procedure restores proportion, balance and individualized beauty

SK Clinic | Stephen M. Krant

Beauty is a concept that involves balance between the objective and the subjective; it requires equilibrium between the whole and its parts. This relationship is the key to understanding facial aesthetics – and to each person’s definition of “a beautiful face.”

Introducing Sculptra: the “Liquid Facelift” alternative to invasive plastic surgery

SK Sanctuary | Stephen M. Krant

Everybody ages; there’s no escaping it. And no matter how we fight them – be it with sunscreen, healthy food or wholesome lifestyle habits — the physical signs of added wisdom, experience and maturity leave their mark. Sun damage and natural fat and collagen loss take their toll on all mature skin – and while some individuals elect to undergo plastic surgery to correct these changes, others prefer a less invasive solution with minimal recovery time that still has the power to take years off their looks.

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