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San Diego construction news: remodeling industry set for growth this season

San Diego Construction News | Remodeling Industry

The remodeling business is set to experience solid growth in the months ahead, according to research conducted by the National Association for the Remodeling Industry (NARI). Based on recent polling numbers, 26% of homeowners plan to remain in their homes for another 16-20 years, while 23% expect to remain for at least 6-10 years. These numbers suggest a shift in focus for the remodeling industry, as homeowners turn their attention from upgrades designed to increase property value alone to more specific improvements for their daily use. Fueled by a combination of decreased property values and increased desire for custom living arrangements, the latest remodeling trends are all about personalization. With the help of a talented contractor, homeowners don’t need to buy their dream homes; instead, they can simply build them.

San Diego construction companies prepare for new statewide energy standards

Murfey Construction | Scott Murfey

According to a recent report from the Sacramento Business Journal, California is set to impose new energy standards on construction projects beginning in 2014. The regulations will boost efficiency requirements by 25%, making the state’s energy-saving standards the strictest in the country. In light of these changes, San Diego construction companies must begin preparing now for added building costs – approximately $2,290 per home, according to data from the California Energy Commission. However, the investment will pay off handsomely in the form of impressive energy and cash savings for the long haul.

Preparing for retirement: aging in place with smart remodeling ideas for seniors

Murfey Construction | Scott Murfey

As more and more baby boomers begin preparing for retirement, many are seeking an alternative to traditional assisted living facilities and senior homes. Some boomers may wish to live with their families, but fear the strain that close quarters can put on good relationships. Others may simply want to stay in their homes as long as possible. In either case, changes are often necessary in order to facilitate a safe and comfortable environment for seniors. However, a recent trend in the remodeling and interior design community known as “aging in place” deals with these challenges head on – lending greater autonomy to aging adults while preserving their ties to home.

Real estate demand, buyer opportunity building across U.S. market

Murfey Construction | Scott Murfey

Real estate demand is on the rise this spring, according to a new Bloomberg business report. As of March 2012, improved job prospects and reduced borrowing costs appear to have boosted buyer interest in new homes; and the resultant annual sales figure of 328,000 significantly exceeded industry expectations. Some analysts believe that this bodes well for a final “bottoming-out” of the U.S. housing market – and eventually, a long-awaited rise in real estate prices across the country. This is good news for the economy; but it also makes the next few months a critical time, both for homebuyers looking to cash in on real estate deals and sellers eager to fix up their properties for sale.

Spring home repair list: cut costs with smart inspections and upgrades

Murfey Construction | Scott Murfey

With spring weather comes the prime opportunity for homeowners to tackle property inspections – home appraisals that can reveal the need for upgrades to improve safety, help homes run more smoothly and even save money along the way. According to a recent piece in the Wall Street Journal, homeowners should inspect their houses twice a year – and make a home repair list to take care of jobs that may wind up costing them in the long run. From rooftops to backyard decks, the following repairs can add life and value to your San Diego home. Consider this list a starting point – and always be sure to contact a local contractor to discuss customized repair work and other inspection details.

Capitalize on solar power savings with smart home renovations this spring

Murfey Construction | Scott Murfey

Recent numbers show construction jobs on the rise after a long drought for the industry; and according to Bloomberg Buisnessweek, the boost is due to both discretionary remodeling on the part of homeowners and increased in “fix-up” work solicited by new buyers eager to customize their homes. With existing home sales up by 4.3% as of January 2012, the latter group is growing in size – leading to a renewed interest in solar power savings as one of the best renovation ideas on the horizon. While there are plenty of exciting options out there for individuals with an eye on home improvement, industry experts agree that solar power is the wave of the future. With incredible potential for environmental and economic savings alike, solar panels are a sure bet for budget and eco-friendly renovation this spring.

Luxury downsizing paves the way for custom renovations and remodeling projects

Murfey Construction | Scott Murfey

After decades of defining high-end real estate in terms of size and scale, today’s affluent homeowners are becoming increasingly attracted to the lure of so-called “sensibly sized” housing, according to a report published in Forbes magazine. By trading in sprawling estates for smaller spaces, individuals can enjoy not only a more sociable living environment and increased energy and utilities savings, but a boost in discretionary income for custom renovations, remodels and interior design elements as well. This trend, known as luxury downsizing, is especially popular among empty nesters who find themselves ready to shake off the responsibilities of maintaining a large home without compromising their current standard of living; and it opens up a new realm of creative possibility for those who have always dreamed of expressing their unique style and taste or indulging their desire for technological efficiency through the amenities and design elements of their home.

Boost in residential construction business complements home remodeling trends for 2012

Murfey Construction | Scott Murfey

Business is looking up for the residential construction sector, according to recent data from the Wall Street Journal; and with spending up by 1.8% as of November 2011, there would appear to be new momentum behind residential building projects moving into the New Year. With an eye to the hottest design and home remodeling trends of 2012, the timing couldn’t be better – and this year, homeowners looking to make a change for greater sustainability, energy efficiency, cost savings or personal luxury will have plenty of exciting options and inspirations to choose from.

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