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Creative Ways to Finance Your Child’s Orthodontics Without Using Credit Cards

Ways to finance orthodontics

By Dr. Robert Sunstein, The Sunny Smile Specialist When it comes to your child’s confidence, nothing speaks louder than a beautiful, straight smile. And it goes without saying that your child can have an attractive smile well into adulthood with the use of orthodontic braces. But as many parents can attest, finding a way to [...]

Get ready for braces season: summer is the best time to explore orthodontics for children

Robert Sunstein | La Jolla Orthodontist

The first day of summer is just around the bend, bringing with it a glorious sefull ason full of lazy beach days, barbeques and endless sunshine. But in addition to all that summer fun, parents may also want to consider scheduling an orthodontics exam for their kids – and getting a head start on better oral health. When it comes to orthodontics for children, summer is by far the most convenient time of year to begin treatment. Free from the complications of school year scheduling and extracurricular activities, kids can complete up to a quarter of their treatment time before school starts in the fall – and begin the new year well on their way to straighter, healthier teeth.

When to get braces for kids: why orthodontists are encouraging early action

La Jolla Orthodontist | Robert Sunstein

When it comes to orthodontic care, many parents may wonder when to get braces for kids. After all, in previous generations, it was common to wait until patients were almost in their teens – anywhere from age 12 to 14 – to discuss the need for dental braces. But now, the American Association of Orthodontists is recommending age 7 as the ideal time to begin considering orthodontic treatment options for young patients. Why so early? It turns out that the sooner orthodontists intervene, the better chance they have to preempt misalignment — and instead guide proper tooth and jaw development in a safe, natural way.

Keep kids safe on the field: how athletic mouth guards prevent injury for orthodontic patients

Robert Sunstein | La Jolla Orthodontist

Spring is here, bringing with it a return to outdoor sporting events and fun in the sun throughout San Diego County. Sports are a great way to get kids outside and emphasize the importance of physical activity for a healthy lifestyle. However, rough games do come with risks: and athletic mouth guards are a safe and simple solution to prevent injuries on the field.

Adult dental braces: why you’re never too old for straighter, healthier teeth

Robert Sunstein | La Jolla Orthodontist

In previous columns, we have addressed the increasing ease, efficiency and even aesthetic appeal of adult dental braces; and now, the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) has launched a new campaign designed to further inform adult patients about the importance of smile correction technology for everything from improved social comfort and career performance to overall health and wellness. According to the AAO, adults currently represent one in five orthodontic patients throughout the U.S., with nearly double the number of braces-wearing individuals aged 18 and over compared to those tallied in 1994. As adult braces become more mainstream, so too does social acceptance of such treatment; and with help from an experienced orthodontist, patients of any age can now enjoy the benefits of fast, effective teeth straightening and healthier, more beautiful teeth.

Fun facts about braces for the February holidays: the connection between Valentine’s Day, President’s Day and orthodontic treatments

Robert Sunstein | La Jolla Orthodontist

Throughout January and February, both of which are wintry months that leave many of us craving a fun distraction from the workday world, most people jump at the chance for a holiday – whether it is simply a day off from work on President’s day or an evening dedicated to celebrating romance with a special Valentine. And while the connection between these winter holidays and the world of orthodontics may seem like a stretch, here are a few fun facts about braces that can help liven up the month of February for kids (and even adults) undergoing orthodontic treatment:

New Year, new smile: how “makeover” orthodontic treatments can provide straighter teeth and better health

Robert Sunstein | La Jolla orthodontist

With every New Year comes new resolutions; and as 2012 gets underway, countless individuals across the country have no doubt determined to make this the year that they begin to eat better, look their best, and live healthier, happier lives. For many of us, when it comes improving our overall health, diet and exercise are the top two lifestyle changes that come to mind. But surprisingly enough, orthodontic treatments are another highly effective way to transform the body, inside and out. Thanks to significant breakthroughs in the comfort, efficiency, ease and aesthetics of orthodontic braces, achieving a perfect smile is more accessible than ever before. And in addition to the obvious cosmetic benefits of teeth straightening procedures, individuals who undergo professional orthodontic treatment can also safeguard themselves against a host of both oral and systemic health risks – resulting in a “makeover” that does as much for one’s internal well-being as it does for their outward appearance.

Children’s orthodontics cost less, contribute to more effective treatment overall

Robert Sunstein | La Jolla Orthodontist

In years past, orthodontic braces – ugly, cumbersome metallic and uncomfortable – got a pretty bad rap, and with good reason. But today, thanks to improvements in orthodontic technology, both adult braces and orthodontic solutions for children have expanded to include more aesthetically pleasing, efficient, comfortable and affordable options. Furthermore, when fitted early by a skilled orthodontist, braces can contribute to beautiful smiles and long-term oral health while still falling under children’s insurance coverage. The American Association of Orthodontists suggests that children receive an orthodontic screening by the age of 7 in order to determine whether or not immediate orthodontic treatment is necessary to prevent complex health problems down the road; and with the benefit of comparatively stable costs, insurance coverage and flexible patient options, this is the best possible time for parents to start their children on the road to lifelong orthodontic health.

Tips for selecting a great orthodontist: a guide for new patients

Robert Sunstein | La Jolla Orthodontist

As the holiday season draws increasingly near, orthodontics – and frankly, healthcare in general – may be the last thing on your mind, buried somewhere far below the more immediate and pleasant distraction of Thanksgiving recipes, travel plans, gift-giving budgets and what to get for that special someone. And yet, if orthodontic care is in the cards for you or your child, selecting a great doctor is one of the best and most important gifts you can give to yourself – not to mention one that will far outlast this year’s turkey dinner. As Virginia-based orthodontist Dr. Alan Bagden recently told The Seattle Times, a patient’s relationship with their orthodontist is one that can last for years: so when it comes time to choose, give yourself the gift of time – and make the choice that works for you and your family.

Celebrate National Orthodontic Health Month with Halloween tips for healthy teeth

Robert Sunstein | La Jolla Orthodontist

October marks the unofficial kick-off of the holiday season – a time for pumpkins and pies, decorations and gifts, costumes and special treats at home, at work and at school. Perhaps, then, it’s no coincidence that October is also National Orthodontic Health Month, or that orthodontists across the country are campaigning harder than ever to remind patients how to care for their teeth and braces while preventing damage and decay.

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