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It’s Science: Smiling Makes Us Feel and Look Better


By Dr. Robert Sunstein, La Jolla & Carmel Valley Orthodontics Specialist I have a classic chicken or egg scenario for you: Does happiness create smiles or do smiles create happiness? You might think that answer is obvious—that we smile only when we are happy. But did you know that when we smile—even if we fake [...]

Why You Should Smile … A Lot


By Dr. Robert Sunstein, La Jolla & Carmel Valley Orthodontics Specialist When you’re at the DMV and you’ve been in line for an hour and the baby next to you starts screaming, the best thing you can do is start smiling. Why? Because smiling actually makes you feel better. When we smile, it affects certain [...]

How Candy May Improve (Yes, Improve!) Your Teeth


By Dr. Robert Sunstein, Orthodontist in Carmel Valley & La Jolla “Brush your teeth!” “Don’t forget to floss!” This is the advice you expect to hear from your dentist. What you don’t expect your dentist to tell you is “eat more candy.” That, however, might change. According to Medical News Today, Berlin-based firm Organobalance GmbH, [...]

Julia Roberts: Why We Love Her Smile


By Dr. Robert Sunstein, The Sunny Smile Specialist It’s no secret that Julia Roberts has stolen the hearts of millions with her beautiful trademark smile. In a recent article at the Huffington Post, the famous grin is chronicled through movie roles ranging from her debut 1988 film, “Mystic Pizza” all the way to her more [...]

From Tom Cruise to Kate Middleton, Adult Braces Are More Than Meets the Eye

By Dr. Robert Sunstein, Carmel Valley & La Jolla Orthodontist Orthodontic braces straighten teeth and make smiles more beautiful. But according to the latest news, we can thank celebrities like Tom Cruise and even Kate Middleton for making braces not only popular in terms of aesthetics but as cultural cues as well. Braces –and good [...]

Back-to-School Braces: Give Your Child an A+ in Confidence

Carmel Valley Orthodontist

By Dr. Robert Sunstein, La Jolla & Carmel Valley Orthodontics Specialist Now that summer has drawn to a close and the fall season is here, we welcome all La Jolla students back to school. ‘Tis the season for backpacks, school books, pencils, new shoes and… braces! As we gear up for the academic season, many [...]

Boost Your Child’s Confidence with Orthodontic Braces

Orthodontist Specialist in Carmel Valley, CA

By Dr. Robert Sunstein, La Jolla & Carmel Valley Orthodontist Whether a child wants to feel self-assured now or later into adulthood, orthodontic braces can boost confidence and even help them feel more popular according to the latest research. In an article published at the Daily Mail, studies show that youngsters who are fitted with [...]

What Do Your Teeth Say About Your Personality?

Braces orthodontist in Carmel Valley and La Jolla

By Dr. Robert Sunstein, Orthodontist in Carmel Valley & La Jolla We all know that smiling conveys a sense of optimism and happiness – it’s a reflection of the positive way we feel inside. But did you know that your smile is also a key indicator to your personality? According to a new report published [...]

Early orthodontics: What’s the best age for braces?

Carmel Valley Orthodontics

By Dr. Robert Sunstein, La Jolla, Carmel Valley Orthodontist It used to be that orthodontic braces were most common among middle and high school students. But these days, children are the new face of orthodontics. According to the American Association of Orthodontics, all children should receive an orthodontic screening by age 7 – prompting a [...]

Summer is the ideal season for orthodontics in San Diego

orthodontics in carmel valley

By Dr. Robert Sunstein, Orthodontics in Carmel Valley & La Jolla With summer break just weeks away, kids and parents are quickly filling their calendars with things to do – from causal beach days to road trips, vacations, poolside fun and everything in between. But did you know that summer is one of the best [...]

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