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Historic restoration blends modern technique with art and culture from California’s past

Alcorn & Benton Architects | Paul Benton

For decades, Southern California has beckoned innovative thinkers and encouraged experimentation in all things creative, from fine art and film to fashion, architecture, food and design. This year, the Pacific Standard Time festival — a sweeping exhibition running along the coast from San Diego to Los Angeles to Santa Barbara – tells the story of California’s artists and innovators in the form of exhibits that trace the history of art and life in Los Angeles from 1945 to 1980. With installations at over sixty institutions and a scope beyond that of any local art event to date, Pacific Standard Time reminds us not only of our place in art history, but in human history as well – bringing to the broader Southern California art world a perspective not unlike that necessitated by the process of restoring and preserving our historic architectural treasures.

California hillside development: converting challenge into creative opportunity

Paul Benton | Alcorn & Benton Architects

Alongside the great beauty, temperate weather and ocean breeze associated with coastal California living, earthquakes and landslides are an unfortunate and oftentimes fearful reality. While instances of destruction are rare, occasional catastrophes – such as the 2007 landslide that destroyed a Mount Soledad home and, according to the Union Tribune, continued to impact the local community for years after the event – remind us of the challenges inherent to building and developing along the Southern California coast. But while ground surface changes due to subsidence, landslides and fault lines can contribute to architectural difficulties, they also lend seasoned architects the chance to push innovative limits – and to create strong, balanced and beautiful homes throughout San Diego and across the greater California landscape.

Balanced design and sustainable energy solutions lend protection against erratic temperatures

Alcorn & Benton architects

Record temperatures are bringing summer life to a sticky standstill throughout much of the eastern and south central United States; and despite San Diego’s enviable distinction as one of the nation’s most temperate locales, inland and coastal residents alike are hardly immune to unpredictable weather patterns. While some scientists warn against reading too much into this year’s heat-saturated summer, the Washington Post reports that many experts predict the emergence of a harsher temperature regime as a result of global climate change: and regardless of where they live, homeowners should prepare for changing seasons and erratic temperatures in order to remain content and comfortable in the years to come.

Judge rules for coastal access rights in landmark Malibu lawsuit

Alcorn and Benton

By Paul Benton Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James C. Chalfant delivered a long-awaited ruling last week when he sided with California coastal regulators and ordered a public path to be built beside a private beachfront mansion in Malibu. The case in question, which pitted homeowner Lisette Ackerberg against the California Coastal Commission, highlighted the [...]

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