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Holiday travel and pet boarding tips for a safe Thanksgiving season

La Jolla Veterinary Hospital | LIdja Gillmeister

With Halloween already behind us and Thanksgiving just around the corner, the holiday travel season is almost in full swing. As pet owners begin making holiday travel plans, the issue of whether or not to bring the family pet along for the ride is bound to arise: and while traveling with pets can present unique challenges, a combination of smart tips and safe alternatives can help pet owners rest easy in the knowledge that their four-legged friends will be comfortable and well-cared for throughout the holiday season.

Listeria outbreak prompts renewed interest in zoonotic disease and preventative safety measures

La Jolla Veterinary Hospital | Lidja Gillmeister

Heavy media coverage surrounding the recent cantaloupe-borne listeria outbreak has led to significant concern over food storage and handling safety, as well as increased awareness regarding the importance of properly washing produce prior to consumption. According to MSNBC, dozens of people in 20 different states have been infected with the dangerous bacteria, and so far 18 individuals have died as a result. Prior to this summer’s outbreak, listeria was primarily associated with deli meats and cheeses, as opposed to produce. But what some may not realize is that listeriosis, the infection caused by the listeria monocytogenes bacterium, is in fact one of many risky zoonotic diseases – that is, diseases that originate in animals before being transferred to humans.

Help control fleas year-round with preemptive action and medication alternatives

La Jolla Veterinary Hospital | Lidja Gillmeister

For many of us, the dawn of late summer brings to mind Labor Day barbecues, back-to-school shopping, crisper air and a sense of new beginnings; but for pet owners, this otherwise delightful season also brings with it another, not so pleasant association in the form of rampant, pesky fleas. Throughout San Diego, where warm temperatures are a year-round reality, flea season effectively never ends. The hotter it gets, however, the more troublesome fleas become; and while there are plenty of products on the market to help get rid of unwanted fleas, new oral medications and preventative measures are the best means by which to ensure that your pet stays safe, healthy and pest-free – even in the midst of a perpetual San Diego summer.

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